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Fossils is one of the most popular bangla bands. Fossils music is a blend of blues, hard rock and alternative music.

Fossils claim to have been deeply influenced by blues, grunge, hard rock, post-punk etc1. This pro rock rock outfit has three albums under its belt from Asha Audio.

== Band Members=

Bubun: Drums and Percussions
Partha: Lead Guitars
Rupam: Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Songwriter and Composer
Chandra: Bass, Backing Vocals
Deep: Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals

Past members:

Alan: Lead Guitars
Stephen: Drums
Indra: Keyboards

Indra continues to play keyboards in the band's studio recordings.

== Discography =

Fossils (2002)
Fossils 2 (2004)
Mission F (2006)

== Videography =

Ekla Ghar (Fossils)
Dakho Manasi (Fossils)
Bicycle Chor (Fossils 2)
Swapner Bichhanate (with Lakkhichara and Cactus)
Chhaal (Fossils 2)
Eka Nauo (Mission F)
Apodartho (new single)

== External links =

Official Website :> Official fansite :>

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