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"Genesis" is a Grammy Award winning English progressive rock band formed in 1967. The band's notable former members include Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins, both of whom achieved additional success as solo artists and in other ventures. With approximately 150 million albums sold worldwide, Genesis is one of the top 30 highest selling recording artists of all time. The band is widely known for two distinctly different musical phases. Early on in their career, their complex song structures, elaborate instrumentation, and theatrical live shows made them one of the most revered bands of the 1970s progressive rock movement. Hallmarks of the band's music during this period included the 23-minute long "Supper's Ready" and the 1974 concept album, ''The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway''. In the 1980s and beyond, their music took a distinct turn towards pop, becoming considerably more hook-oriented and more accessible to the musical mainstream. This change of musical direction gave them their first UK #1 album, ''Duke'', as well as their only US #1 single, "Invisible Touch".

Initially fronted by Peter Gabriel, Genesis has experienced several personnel changes over the years. Collins took ove...

250px "font-size: 0.85em;">Clockwise from left: Banks, Collins, Hackett, Rutherford, Gabriel
years active 1967–1999 (Hiatus)
origin Godalming, Surrey
country England
music genre Progressive rock
Pop rock
current members Mike Rutherford
Tony Banks (musician)
past members Phil Collins
Peter Gabriel
Ray Wilson
Steve Hackett
John Mayhew
Anthony Phillips
John Silver
Chris Stewart (author)
website Official site
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source: Wikipedia