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"Lush" were an English shoegazing band, formed in 1988 by Steve Rippon, Emma Anderson, Meriel Barham, Chris Acland and Miki Berenyi. Barham left nearly immediately, eventually settling in fellow shoegazing band Pale Saints. Robin Guthrie helped the band sign to 4AD Records and released ''Scar'', an EP, in 1989. Critical praise for ''Scar'' and a wildly popular live show established Lush as one of the best-selling bands in the new shoegazing, or Dreampop genre of pop music. That year the EPs ''Mad Love'', produced by Robin Guthrie, and ''Sweetness and Light'' followed.

Lush's first LP made up of completely new material was ''Spooky'' in 1992. Produced by Robin Guthrie, ''Spooky'' featured a sound very similar to Guthrie's band Cocteau Twins, with walls of sound and a great deal of flanging. Reviews were mixed and critics of the album hold that Guthrie's production brought the sound away from the band's original creative vision. Rippon left the band at this stage in order to concentrate on writing, though his book ''Cold Turkey Sandwich'' - a fictionalized chronicle of his time in touring - was rejected by publishers. He was replaced by Phil King. Also in 1992, Lush toured Amer...

--> years active 1988–1998
country England
music genre Shoegazing, Dream pop, Britpop
--> current members Miki Berenyi (vocals/guitar)
Emma Anderson (guitar/vocals)
Phil King (bass guitar)
Chris Acland (drums)
past members Meriel Barham (Vocals)
Steve Rippon (bass guitar)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia