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"Mansun" were an English rock and roll band formed in Chester in 1995 by vocalist/rhythm guitarist Paul Draper, bassist Stove King, lead guitarist/backing vocalist Dominic Chad, and with drummer Andie Rathbone. The band disbanded in May, 2003.

Mansun were formed in Chester, England in 1995 by Paul Draper & Stove King. The band's foundations were cemented with the addition of Dominic Chad, who was the bartender at the Fat Cat pub in Chester city centre, which was regularly frequented by Paul & Stove. The band claimed they formed the band to "get out of Chester".

Prior to Mansun, Paul Draper was lead singer of the little-known band "Grind", who released a 12" single in 1991 entitled ''The Dying Man''. The track - along with the single's b-side ''Thought'' - appeared on the internet following the implosion of Mansun.

The band were originally known as Manson, but were forced to change their name once it was brought to their attention by Parlophone that the name was already copyrighted by cult leader Charles Manson. The band have since given different accounts of this, one being that they were named after The Verve b-side "A Man Called Sun" and that "Manson" was ...

years active 1995 – 2003
status Inactive
country Chester, England
music genre Rock music
current members Paul Draper
Dominic Chad
Stove King
Andie Rathbone
past members Carlton Hibbert
Mark Swinnerton
Julian Fenton
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia