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Mark Chesnutt

Mark was born September 6, 1963. He has been a part of the country music industry since the 1980s. If you ask Mark Chesnutt, he’ll tell you, “It’s the music that has kept me around this long.” Mark has remained true to himself as a ''traditional'' country artist while still keeping up with the ever-changing country landscape. Mark has a knack for picking popular songs and delivering them with real heart-felt emotion.

He has set an example for his generation—not just for his being a consistent hit maker, but because of his love of traditional country music. Mark Chesnutt’s approach to the country industry has made him a well recognized musician on radio and in the honkytonks.

Chesnutt got his start in the honky-tonks of Beaumont, Texas, learning from his father, Bob Chesnutt, a singer, record collector, and major fan of classic country music. Playing along side his dad, one set at a time, Mark embraced his father’s influence and began making a name for himself. Mark sang covers by Merle Haggard, George Jones, and Waylon Jennings to develop his crowd-pleasing rapport and his authentic country style.

Bob Chesnutt often traveled to Nashville to record...

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