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Malcolm Middleton

"Arab Strap" are a post-folk indie band from Scotland signed to independent record label Chemikal Underground.

Vocalist Aidan Moffat and multi-instrumentalist Malcolm Middleton met in Falkirk, Scotland, bonded over their mutual love for Drag City recording artists such as Smog and Will Oldham, and began a collaboration in 1995. The band is completed by violinist Jenny Reeve and cellist Stacey Sievewright.

Arab Strap's marked characteristics include snide, rather sordid lyrics -- described by the NME as "fly on the duvet vignettes" and a brooding, spare sound.

In keeping with the theme of obscure sexual allusion (see arab strap (sexual device)), Moffat records as a solo artist under the name Lucky Pierre - slang for the man in the middle of a homosexual threesome. This work is also characterised by brooding, spare sound but is instrumental in nature. Malcolm Middleton also has a solo career under his own name, and his music is released by Chemikal Underground.


* ''The Week Never Starts Round Here'' (1996); Chemikal Underground CHEM 010

* ''Philophobia'' (1998); Chemikal Underground...

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