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Midnight Oil

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"Midnight Oil" was an Australian rock band active from the early 1970s until 2002. The band was known for its driving hard rock sound, intense live performances, and its overt left-wing political activism, particularly in aid of environmentalist causes.

The lineup included Rob Hirst on drums, Peter Garrett on vocals, Jim Moginie on keyboard/guitar, and Martin Rotsey on guitar. Peter Gifford played bass for the band in its earlier years, being replaced in 1987 by Bones Hillman.

''The Oils'', as they are known to their fans, began as a progressive rock band called Farm in the early 1970s, then under the Midnight Oil name developed into an aggressive, punk - hard rock group associated with the surfer community near Sydney. One of their early fan bases was at the Sydney northern beaches pub The Royal Antler at Narrabeen.

Although consistently championed by Sydney alternative rock station Double Jay and its FM band successor Triple J, Midnight Oil, like many independent bands of the period, were almost totally ignored by Australia's mainstream commercial radio stations.

The Oils developed a strong "street...

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