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Paw formed in 1991 in Lawrence, Kansas alongside Stick and Kill Creek. They signed on the grunge wave with A&M Records for their first two albums, but were dropped in 1996. Their most well-known song from this period was the single ''Jessie'', released in 1993.

The Fitch brothers formed the band Palomar and released the album ''World without horses'' in 1998. Paw still played together during this period, and released a compilation of B-sides and rarities ''Keep The Last Bullet For Yourself'' on their own label, Outlaw Records.

In 2000 founding members Mark Hennessy and Grant Fitch signed with Koch Records. The mini-album ''Home Is A Strange Place'' was released in the same year with Jesse Larson on drums and Jason Magierowski on bass. The group was disbanded soon afterwards.

Mark Hennessy's book of poetry 'Cue The Bedlam' was published in December 2005.

* Grant Fitch - Guitar

* Mark Hennessy - Vocals

* Jason Magierowski - Bass guitar

* Jesse Larson - Drums


* Peter Fitch - Drums

* Dan Hines - Bass guitar

* Charles Bryan - Bass guitar

*''Lolita'' (Vinyl Single) 1992

*''Sleeping Bag'' (Vinyl Single) 1992

*''Dragline'' 1...

years active 1991 – 2000
status Dissolved
country Lawrence, Kansas
music genre Grunge
current members Mark Hennessy, Grant Fitch, Jesse Larson, Jason Magierowski
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia