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Poets of the Fall

"Poets of the Fall" is an independent rock band from Finland. The members are Mark (vocals/guitar), Ollie (guitar/bass guitar), and Captain (producer/keyboard/programming). The Poets released the singles "Late Goodbye" and "Lift" before releasing the full-length album "Signs of Life". The album went gold by selling 15 000 copies in only a couple of months and has sold more than 30 000 copies until now. It rocketed the Finnish Top 40 chart, being the number one in April and July 2005 and has spent there more than a year, which makes it one of the most successful albums in history of Finnish music in terms of having self-produced and self-distributed albums.

Poets of the Fall was formed in 2002 in Helsinki, Finland, starting with Mark and Ollie, and later joined by Captain. The song "Late Goodbye" should be mentioned as the beginning of the band's popularity, which was featured in Max Payne 2 as the game's ending song, as well as a recurring theme in the game. The second single, "Lift" is featured in the computer benchmarking program 3DMark05 by Futuremark which has got close ties with Remedy Entertainment, the producers of Max Payne 2.

The Poets have released a music vid...

years active 2002-present
status Active
origin Helsinki, Finland
music genre Rock music
current members Marko "Mark" Saaresto
Olli "Ollie" Tukiainen
Markus Kaarlonen
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia