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"Rage" is a power metal band from Germany.

The Rage story begins way back in 1984 when the band Avenger first got together. Following the arrival of their debut album ''Prayers of Steel'' and an EP, Avenger soon changed their name and became Rage, releasing their debut album as Rage, entitled ''Reign of Fear'' in 1986.

Rage's albums came out at regular, continuous periods, and began touring with the likes of Running Wild, U.D.O., Motörhead and Saxon in the early 1990s. Their 1992 album ''Trapped'' marked their international breakthrough, a short highlight being Rage's tour of Japan. Their success was repeated again in 1993 with the release of ''The Missing Link''. They lost some old members and gained some new ones, and the new Rage line-up recorded ''Lingua Mortis'', the first classical album by a German metal act, in 1996. The material was performed live for the first time in late summer 1996 in Kufstein, Austria. Subsequently, Rage, plus the orchestra, embarked on a celebrated Christmas tour and played several European festivals.

Their thirteenth album ''XIII'' saw the light of day in March 1998, marking not only another highlight in the band's career but a...

country Germany
years active 1984-present
music genre Power metal
current members Peter 'Peavy' Wagner
Victor Smolski
Mike Terrana
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia