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"Rancid" is a punk rock band formed in 1991 in Berkeley, California, by Matt Freeman and Tim Armstrong (former members of Operation Ivy). Rancid includes four members; Tim Armstrong on guitar and vocals, with Matt Freeman on bass and backup vocals and Brett Reed on drums; after searching for a second guitar player in 1993, Matt met Lars Frederiksen and he was added to the band on guitar and vocals, to round out the line up.

Rancid is a punk revival band formed in the 90's by Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman in Albany, California. Among mainstream audiences, Rancid are best-known for "Ruby Soho" and "Time Bomb" from the 1995 recording ''...And Out Come the Wolves''. Rancid's style often draws comparison with The Clash, in their albums ''...And Out Come the Wolves'' and ''Life Won't Wait'', the latter of which is sometimes referred to as "Rancid's ''Sandinista!''". This influence is further emphasized by direct homages to the seminal punk rock group in the lyrics to several of Rancid's songs, such as the title track to ''Indestructible''.

Rancid enjoyed widespread popularity throughout the 1990s, with the band touring constantly from 1993 through 1998. They have released...

years active 1991 – present
country Berkeley, California, USA
status On hold
music genre Punk rock
current members Tim Armstrong
Lars Frederiksen
Matt Freeman
Brett Reed
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia