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"Seether" is a four piece Grunge band from South Africa. Originally called "Saron Gas", they changed their name in 2002, coinciding with the release of their first major label release and second album, ''Disclaimer''.

* Shaun Morgan - Vocals and guitar

* Dale Stewart - Bass and vocals

* John Humphrey - Drums


* Dave Cohoe : Drums (2002)

* Nick Annis : Lead Guitar(2002)

* Nick Oshiro : Drums (2002-2003)

* Kevin Soffera : Drums (2003)

* Pat Callahan : Guitar (2003-2006)

As Saron Gas, the band released its first album, ''Fragile'', in 2000 in South Africa. Upon achieving success on the South African music charts, Wind-Up Records took an interest in Saron Gas' melodic-yet-heavy sound and signed them to the label. The band was asked to change their name, however, due to Saron Gas being a homonym of sarin gas, a deadly nerve agent. The band chose the name Seether, inspired by a single by the band Veruca Salt. Their first major release came in 2002 with the album ''Disclaimer''. The album spawned three singles, ''Fine Again'',''Driven Under'' and ''Gasoline,'' but only ''Fine Again'' charted with any success. The remaining singles got semi-frequent radio p...

years active 2000–present
status Active
country South Africa
music genre Alternative Metal / Grunge
current members Shaun Morgan
Dale Stewart
John Humphrey
website Official website
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia