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Thea Gilmore

"Thea Gilmore" (b. November 25,1979) is an Oxfordshire-born British female singer-songwriter. She began her career working in a studio, where she was discovered by her now long time collaborator Nigel Stonier, who became her producer and, in 2006, also became her husband .

She became interested in music as a result of her father's record collection, which included work by Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Elvis Costello, and Tom Waits among others.

She is managed by Sara Austin, who herself was in a band with Nigel Stonier, back in 1988, called Northern Sky.

Gilmore released her first album as a teenager, in 1998 and, in 2003, released ''Avalanche,'' her first album to reach the Official UK Albums Chart. Two of its singles, 'Juliet (Keep That In Mind)' and 'Mainstream', also made the UK Singles Chart.

In 2004, Gilmore toured the US, in support of legendary folksinger Joan Baez.

Gilmore has been touted by Uncut magazine as "the best British singer-songwriter of the last 10 years...and then some" and has gained steady acclaim for each of her albums.

She is currently adding the finishing touches to her new album, entitled ''Harpo's Ghost'', her first of original...

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