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"Typecast" is a Filipino emo-rock/punk band well-known by participating in the underground Filipino music scene. Their hard rock/punk style of music focuses on topics that define emo rock such as pain and infatuation. With their exceptional talent, most people who hear them for the first time almost always mistake them for a foreign punk-emo band.

With the release of their single ''Phoenix'' from the Philippine Ragnarok Online Soundtrack, ''Rok On!'', they are mostly known as a studio act, but now they are constantly having gigs around Manila and other places gathering more fans.

*Steve Frank Badiola (vocals and guitar)

*Chi Resurreccion (bass)

*Melvin Rivera Macatiag (drums)

Typecast was formed in the year 2000 in Laguna province. They were originally a quartet doing cover songs, and eventually started making their originals. As they were gathering more listeners with their increasing fame, two members left leaving them the option to obtain a new guitarist. This was later done in the inclusion of Steve Frank Badiola who did both vocals and the guitar.

This new trio released their debut CD Last Time, which is an independent release. The lead single of ...

Background group or band
Origin Laguna,Philippines
Genre Rock (Music)
Years active 2000 in music
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source: Wikipedia