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"Underoath" is a post-hardcore/metalcore band from Tampa, Florida.

Underoath formed in 1998 in then-vocalist Dallas Taylor's bedroom in Ocala, Florida. The members of the band are all Christians; they speak often of their faith but their music is not always based around this premise. Their first release, ''Act of Depression'' (1999) and ''Cries of the Past'' (2000), showcased the band's original sound. On these first albums, Underoath was much different from the band that achieved wide popularity a few years later, partly due to so many member changes (Aaron Gillespie, on drums and vocals, is the only original member of the band). The band members were mostly still in high school, and more notably, the band's music leaned more toward grindcore and Melodic death metal, with songs that averaged around eight minutes in length.

''Cries of the Past'' marked a turning point in Underoath's sound. Prior to the release of the record, keyboardist Chris Dudley joined the band, and after its release, guitarist Corey Steger left the band. He and Dallas Taylor had been credited with giving the band its signature and principle sound. Dudley's presence, on the other hand, solidifie...

years active 1998 - present
origin Tampa, Florida
music genre Metalcore
Christian Metal
current members Spencer Chamberlain
Aaron Gillespie
Timothy McTague
Grant Brandell
Christopher Dudley
James Smith
past members Dallas Taylor
Corey Steger
Matthew Clark
Octavio Fernandez
Billy Nottke
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia