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"Wilco" is an American contemporary rock band. While originally known for its alt-country roots, it is now mostly known for its rock or alternative rock style.

Primary songwriter/singer Jeff Tweedy was a member of the seminal 1980s and 1990s alt-country group Uncle Tupelo. Tweedy shared songwriting and singing duties with bandmate Jay Farrar, who later formed Son Volt. Tweedy formed Wilco with the last incarnation of Uncle Tupelo : drummer Ken Coomer, bassist John Stirratt, and string player Max Johnston. They had been featured on the last Uncle Tupelo recording "Anodyne". The band was named after the voice procedure term "Roger Wilco", an expression that means ""R"eceived, "Wil"l "Co"mply". Jeff also once noted that when Jay Farrar left Uncle Tupelo, Jeff was left with nothing to do but comply. Hence, "Will comply--Wilco."


Wilco has steadily gained popularity since its first release ''A.M.'' in 1995, the only one of the band's albums that resembles the former Uncle Tupelo sound. Produced by Brian Paulson and lead guitar work done by Bottle Rockets' frontman Brian Henneman, ''A.M.'' reached #27 on the Billboard heatseeker chart; it would later place 34th on the...

Background group or band
Origin Chicago, Illinois, and St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Genre Alternative country
Years active 1994 – present
website Official site
Current members Jeff Tweedy
John Stirratt
Nels Cline
Glenn Kotche
Pat Sansone
Mikael Jorgensen
Past members Leroy Bach
Max Johnston
Jay Bennett
Ken Coomer
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia