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"Wintersleep" are a Canadian indie rock band from Halifax, Nova Scotia. What started out as a side-project eventually turned into one of the most popular live shows in Atlantic Canada. Wintersleep are a part of Dependent Music, a music label/collective that began in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia in 1994. While they only have two CD releases, both self-titled, Wintersleep have a large and faithful gathering due to their extensive touring through Canada and Europe.

Their music style has been described as "entirely honest" and "deeply moving" with "captivating ambiance". While playing live, the band encourages everyone to sing along.

*2003 - ''Wintersleep''

*2005 - ''Untitled''

*Loel Campbell (Drums)

*Jud Haynes (Bass Guitar)

*Paul Murphy (Guitar/Vocals)

*Tim D'Eon (Guitar)

*Mike Bigelow (Keyboard) - ''touring member''

*Jon Samuel (Keyboard/back up vocals/some guitar) - ''touring member''


- Murphy and D'eon played together in the band Kary (on hiatus).

- In addition to playing live drums for K...

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