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Frequently Asked Questions

I have problems login in to Chordie
Please check this page for details about how to solve your login problems.

How long did it take to transcribe 250.000 songs?
Chordie works like a search engine (like Google, Yahoo etc), and I did not transcribe any of the songs myself. Chordie is my personal hobby project that I did because I was learning to play the guitar and to program at the same time. It is an experiment, not a commercial service. No one is working on the project full time. Even if I try to answer all e-mails, it might be periods when I won't be able to. Especially when the answer can be found on these pages. I do however appreciate all feedback, so don't stop telling me what you think of Chordie.

I have transcribed a song that I would like to add to Chordie. How do I do that?
Chordie does not host any songs. It finds and formats songs located elsewhere on the Internet. There is no point in mailing me songs. You can include songs in the index (and automatically take advantage of features like formatting, transposing, instrument selection, songbook etc. However, the songs will have to be available online. Send the link to me, and I might it the next time I reindex Chordie.

I am an artist, and would like to have my songs listed on Chordie. How?
Make it available online in chopro-format. Here is an example of a song in this format. You will most likely be able to write this in a text editor like Notepad, but there are some graphical tools available as well. When you've done that, send me the address, and I will include it in Chordie.

There is an error in a song. Can you fix it?
Add a comment to the song. I can not change the source of the file, since it is not hosted at Chordie. If there are better versions of a particular song online, tell me, and I will remove the inferior version. If no other versions exist, I usually think it is better to add a note to the song telling that it contains errors.

Can you remove my song from Chordie?
Yes, no problem. If you for some reason would like to remove a song, that is OK. If you are an artist and would like to remove your songs, that is perfectly OK as well (though it might be more effective addressing those hosting the song). No artist have ever asked me to do this, and I cant see any reason an artist would try to prevent future guitarists playing their songs. I will not sanction stupidity though, so if I get such requests from artists, I will respect them. This is really not a frequently asked question, but I include it here anyway.

Song X was not written by Y?
Songs are not listed by who wrote them, and they are not reproductions of a writers work. I look at them as receipts of how to play them. Or if you like, a suggestion about how to play the song like the way a specific artist does. Anyhow they should be listed by artists and not by writers/composers. If you feel it is vital that the writers name appear in relation to a song, please add this as a comment.

Why is not my instrument selection preserved in the songbook?
Instrument selection is global in the songbook. Change the instrument for the entire songbook under "show edit/publish options"

I can not transpose the songs?
You can not transpose songs that are presented in plain text format. Like this one. Transposing only works when the Chordie engine recognizes a song. Here is an example of a working song. Use the dropdown menu on the right to transpose it. Generally songs with tablatures can't be transposed.

How do I support Chordie?
The best way of supporting Chordie is to link to us from your web page or write about us on social media.