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I totally agree that the words are simply delicious. Cool writing style. Immediately remember my big catch last weekend     


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Hi. What do you mean? There is a song Dio - The Temple Of The King. Do you need to parse the song or is it just spam?     


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Hi. Can you send a link to this video on YouTube? There are just a lot of videos on YouTube with Tony Iommi playing. I already became interested     


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I'm subscribed to this guy's channel. He does cool stuff and has a lot of followers. He recently had a release and played wonderfully RIP X.     


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This is extremely useful!  Thank you for taking the time to prepare this and share it with us. I just recently started playing guitar and it really helped me.     

The first thing I need to say about this guitar is that it is so beautiful. So technically and being beautiful doesn't do much besides look good but this one place very well smile