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This is probably the stupidest reason to play guitar...

I was inspired by the movie "School of Rock". Yeah, its lame.


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However, what is has meant is that I mostly play alone, so I haven't really developed my playing very much.

Playing alone is BAD. Its never too late to start playing with other people, though. I'm only 17, and as well as guitar, I play trumpet, french horn, bass guitar, and some piano. Being in a music program in my school, I am always playing music with someone else. This is how I learn most of the stuff that I know about music. The best way to learn more about guitar and music in general is to surround yourself with people who know it better than you do. Just a small piece of advice that could help you on your way.


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The same way you find everything else... Google.

Go to Google and type in "Finale".

It's the first thing that comes up.


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Sibelius is good. You can also go to Finale and and download a free version that works well. I don't know if Sibelius is free or not, but I've been using Finale for 4 years, and I like it.

Just fyi, Finale will not be able to hear what you're playing and notate it. You'll have to put in the notes and rhythms that you play by hand.


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Go out to Radio Shack or some store like that and get a 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch adapter.

This adapter makes it so the 1/4 inch patch cord you use to plug your guitar into amp fit in your 1/8 inch microphone jack in your computer.

You might have problems with hearing your guitar on the playback. If so, go into your audio controls and turn up the "line in" volume.


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What do you mean? What exactly is your problem with arpeggios?