do you want picking songs to play or practice, the reason i ask is because in my early days i would pick a song i liked and even if it was strumming, pick it, slow it down, see where i could fit in a bass run etc, for a finish it sounded nothing like the original but it helped me and at the end of the day thats what counts, you! and then as you're picking gets better so does the sound you produce, go for it


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what about
sweet home alabama, lynrd skynrd
Freebird                      "        "
Im Free                     The who
Whiskey in the jar       Thin lizzy

there is no end

I bought my first guitar when I was 15 and used to sit at my bedroom window with the guitar hoping I'd be seen and thought of as cool, it didnt work, I had to get out and meet people, That guitar sat in my bedroom for 10 years before I finally decided to learn how to play it, I am now playing for 30 years and still learning, friends have come and gone, some have stayed, but that guitar and the other 3 I know have are my best friends, they pick me up when I am down, they never reject me, they are always there to let me try new things, I can bring them to a pub/bar, they dont get drunk and messy, they are cheap to run, I think I got carried away, What i think I meant to say is you can lose yourself in music and this in turn will give you confidence


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anybody know the chords for the tv series "only fools and horses"