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Hi Winton,

A classical guitar will have  nylon strings;  an acoustic will have steel strings. Both can be electric. If  yr starting afresh',have a think abouit the price and the music you'd like to pay and play!? Dont spend loads of dosh!; ask a friend if you can use theirs' for a couple of weeks lol ?Do you want to sound like Manson, or Paul Simon.Both perhaps!? ?

If yr buying for the first time; dont spend loads of money! !  Am sure loads will add to this. Good Luck!

Hope this helps smile



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Hi Crevs,

yes to all !


Hi, A7' s difficult  unless you got really small pointy fingers like a witch! C7's a lot easier(just drop the 5th finger after the C); try C to C7 to G...etc. Then have a look at Van morrison; and loads of other Irish tunes..:) ; Beatles, Credence Clear Water, T^hin Lizzy,Oasis wink good luck


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Hi all,

can any one give me the chords for ''Requiem for a Dream' pls?

I dont need the tabs fanx,just the chords to work on. Fanx :-), Cheers, Dame

Excellent. Thankyou SouthPaw!!

Chordie never ceases to amaze!

Hi all, any one able to point me in the right direction to find right chords for abracadabra, steve miller band! Very Ellusive! many thanks :-)


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hey, thousand fanx guys!! I did wonder if Ray Charles did the originals and if not, who did?

'Hit the road' (so basic chord structure but so many variations to play it!)was the first continuous vinyl I played as a kid given by an uncle who used to get ex duke box discs. Dunno why it's taken me so long to find the others to play! Messing about on you tube for more styles to play by him last night and found a gold mine!

Many thanks, right, lets go and surf for the tunes smile


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Hi, anyone got a link for lyrics and chords etc to Ray Charles 'Song for you' and 'Georgia on my Mind' please?

Many Thanks