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Baldguitardude wrote:
beamer wrote:

7.    In a light hearted joke- I need to teach Toni how to pronounce “Dissonant”  LOLOLOL

This from the guy who misspelled 'definitely' two different ways in the same post. smile

In the Lewis and Clark journals, William Clark spells "Mosquito" 13 different ways.

It happens!     


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I keep the house littered with those little moleskin notebooks for just such occasions.   My song writing process works in one of two ways.  Either I spend years trying find the correct cadence and rhyme, crafting slowly, and struggling with the message I'm trying to convey, OR it all comes out in about 10 minutes while I'm taking a shower.  Bang, done.     


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Dude, you're gonna need an intervention!     


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I have a Musicman Stingray (a.k.a. THUNDERSTICK!!!) that is perpetually for sale.

It's basically this one

https://www.samash.com/ernie-ball-music … 1dEALw_wcB

Except it has been well used.     


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Phill Williams wrote:

thanks Jerome, I'll have to download Reaper again as it didn't work very well last time so I dumped it. and I'm always out of tune, but don't tell anyone?

You're in luck!  Watch a couple of these before you download, so you aren't working in the dark.


This is the first one in the program.



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Late (like way late) I know, but what Doug said is true.  Pitch correction is surprisingly good and when used appropriately completely transparent.    One of the many many reasons I love Reaper like I do is that it ships with a bundle of very good plugins, including a pitch correction VST - ReaTune.   Tell it what key you are in and it will do the rest.

Kenny Gioia has an entire master class on how to use Reaper available on Youtube.    It's free, and even if you aren't a Reaper user (and you should be) it is worthwhile to watch because a lot of what he does is relevant to other DAWs.

Here is the lesson on ReaTune.


Everyone should know who Segovia is.  The man was simply brilliant.  And he gave us one of the best living flamenco players alive today.... Charo!



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Eddie has weight clauses in his contract here.   If he gets a bit too deep into the french fries, he loses money.  Seems to be motivating him as he's met all his target weights so far.


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And just as an indicator of just how bad Seattle's offensive line is, I don't think I could find a better, more emblematic picture than this one.


It was like that all day long.


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We really like Eddie Lacey out here.  Big physical running backs that just truck people are kind of our thing.  big_smile

There were a couple of no-calls that were egregious, but I don't blame that for the loss.    Jimmy Graham got mugged in the back of the end zone, but that was the only one that really stood out to me.  I think the Packer corners took his wallet and car keys, too!    Jeremy Lane should have been ejected, but so should have Adams.   The dude had Lane by the face mask with both hands, which is what instigated the fight.   But none of that matters if Wilson is running for his life on every play, which is what is happening. 

Speaking of which, did you see any of the Oakland game?  Marshawn Lynch looked fantastic.   That whole team looks really good.  They're my "don't watch a lot of the AFC but I'm picking them anyway" pick to win it all.

New England got trounced at home by KC.  Love that!  big_smile


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Huskies are ranked #7, but have played their usual squad of nobodies for their non-conference schedule.  USC looks like a machine against Stanford after barely holding on against Western Michigan in their opener.    Michigan looks like a contender after putting  a beating down on Florida.  Hurricanes have caused a number of Division I cancelations, which will make for some interesting decisions come playoff selection time.

Seahawks are currently getting beat by the Packers.   

Summary of the game so far: 

* Aaron Rodgers is still the best QB anyone has ever seen. 
* Seattle's offensive line is an even bigger dumpster fire than it was last year, if you can believe that. 
* Watching the Bennett brothers play against each other is kind of fun.

Over/under on the number of cumulative quarters before the Seahawk's offense scores their first touchdown:  6

So be it!

/ Update:  Last two minutes of the Packers Seahawks tilt has turned full clown shoes.


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This thread is a veritable shopping list of all my problems.   smile

In defense of the pinky, though, mine is actually shorter on average.  Take a look at the back of your hand.  Your pinky most likely goes to the second knuckle on your ring finger.  Mine stops well short of that.  So I gotta excuse!

I also, reach with my thumb, clench when I'm not paying attention, get sloppy with the pick...

I'm a mess, actually....


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unclejoesband wrote:
jerome.oneil wrote:
unclejoesband wrote:

You mean this one? ¢  smile

Oh man, I have keyboard envy!  big_smile

I won't hold out on you. smile




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unclejoesband wrote:
jerome.oneil wrote:

At 15 cents (anyone miss that symbol on their keyboard?  I do!)

You mean this one? ¢  smile

Oh man, I have keyboard envy!  big_smile


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People do it because it works.   Old school mass mailings (which no one seems to cry about, even though the real world impact is much more severe) had about a 2% conversion rate.  That is, for every 100 offers sent, they'd get about 2 legitimate leads.  At 15 cents (anyone miss that symbol on their keyboard?  I do!)  a mailing, you can do the math to figure out how much you needed to send, and to whom, to make it worth your while.

Now take that and increase the scale by orders of magnitude, and divide the cost by thousands.   If I can get even two people to respond out of the million emails or messages my bot posted at a cost of literally pennies, I've made my money back.


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That sounds like someone ran a mono channel into your stereo kit.   When you are panned center, you hear it centered.  If you pan to the side that the signal is coming into, it doesn't change because it is coming into that side.  When you pan to the other side it goes away completely because you don't have any signal there, and you've panned off the side with the signal. 

Check and make sure you're using TRS cables.  They will carry a stereo signal.

Baby loves everything from Ralph Stanley to Guns & Roses.  smile

And she likes to bang on the guitar, too.  Sometimes I have to prevent her from banging on it with drum sticks, but I'm not gonna discourage her either.


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Good news!  Patents on MP3 began to expire in April of this year, so encoders like LAME should be showing up more and more as part of standard audio distributions.   I imagine it will probably be rolled into your operating system soon enough.  Native encoding would rock.

Edit:  The latest Reaper now ships with an MP3 encoder, for example.

beamer wrote:

I was a bellman and met a few stars , some have heard this before, but I chatted with and gave a ride to a laundromat  to Jeff Keith from Tesla. he gave me 2 tickets and stage passes, they were opening for Poison.

I caught that tour when I was stationed in VA Beach.   We went to see Tesla, and basically left when Poison came on.  big_smile


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Baldguitardude wrote:

This is a great point Doug, and I should mention (if it helps shape the advice provided) that I have zero interest in multitracking...what i'm trying to do is capture live performance.

Can you simply record the mains off of your mixer?   That would be the easiest thing to do.


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TIGLJK wrote:


I believe you left out wear comfortable clothing and take bathroom breaks!
Chordie is fortunate to have such a knowledgeable resource!

Great post sir!


Comfort is king!


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Baldguitardude wrote:

1. Is there a reason for me to record to my Sony PCM-M10 and then dump it all to my computer later, or should I just run a line out from the PA in to the computer and record direct to my hard drive? (My computer will handle the task just fine.)

If you want to up your recording game, the space you are in is going to matter more than any other aspect of your setup.  The finest mic driving the finest pre-amps on earth, when stuck into a crappy space will give you a super delux high fidelity recording of a crappy space.   So treat your room.  Get a copy of RoomEQWizard or something similar and measure the heck out of wherever it is you're going to be making recordings.   Then treat for what you find.    That alone will make a noticeable difference.

Once that's done, then you can look at kit.   And as far as is there a reason to not use the Sony... yes.  Two I can think of right off the top of my head. 

1.  Tracks.  It's a fine field recorder, but the best results for recording a guy on an acoustic guitar is to close mic the guitar (in stereo if you can) and close mic the vocals.  And if you have a nice space, mic the room with an LDC.   Then you mix that down to a nice representative stereo track.   The Sony gives you a coincidental pair of mics, which is great for a broad stereo image (think drum overheads or choral groups), but not so great if I need to mic defensively or close mic specifically.   So if you're sorta serious about better recordings,  you are going to be limited in what you can do with it when you mix.

2.  Mic options.  As I said, the Sony has a pair of SDCs in a coincidental pair configuration.  That's great, but also limited.  Vocals often sound better when recorded with an LDC or ribbon mic.  Same with a room mic for ambiance.   The SDC are fantastic for close micing the guitar, and while you can do that with a coincident pair, I prefer to mic the neck and the tone hole or resonator board individually.   Using an external interface allows you flexibility with mic selection that you won't get with the Sony.

Good audio interfaces are cheap, and readily available.  Focusrite, Behringer, Tascam, Zoom...  They all do the job at an affordable price point.

2. Do you all use any effects on your instruments or record using a dry signal and add effects later?

My general philosophy is to record the sound I want, and I'm kind of rude about it when it comes to amp tones.   If you want "LP through a Marshal" tone, then bring an LP and a Marshal, and we'll record that.  Don't bring me your ES-335 and your Fender Delux and expect to sound like Slash because magic plugin X says you will.  I'm less finicky about it when it comes to things like EQ and compression.   

I've also never met a digital reverb I liked.  The ones that have come closest to tolerable have all been convolution reverbs.  I've essentially given up on algorithmic verbs altogether.

3. With that cheapo Dean Markley acoustic pup that mounts in my sound hole, will I need some kind of preamp to boost my guitar's signal or does that sucker drive adequately?

Drive what adequately?  smile   That depends on your pre-amp.   Most modern interfaces will let you switch between mic/instrument levels, and line levels.   If you're concerned, spend $20 on one of those ART single tube pre-amps.  I've got two of them.  They're great.

4. Anything else?

Start with the room.  Seriously.  smile

Like the song says....

There ain't no rest for the wicked,
Money don't grow on trees.
I got bills to pay, I got mouths to feed,
Ain't nothing in this world for free...


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Zurf wrote:

Looks like I'm too late.  My wife bought a Harbinger system for my birthday a couple years ago. I like it. I don't use effects, but am thinking a chorus pedal for voice would be cool after Topdown and I saw a guy at a winery here in Virginia make excellent use of one.

We just added a vocalist, and he's got one of those things.  It's pretty dang cool.   It doesn't hurt that he can actually sing, either. big_smile


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Baldguitardude wrote:

Do you guys think I'll be ok plugging a mic and my acoustic into this little sucker for smaller gigs? Any downsides other than the obvious (no monitors, no FX loop, etc.)

Put a pre-amp on the acoustic and plug it into one of the line level inputs, and it should be fine.   And you could run outboard effects or a monitor on that, too.  For a monitor, just take the line level output into stage monitor.  If it's an effects loop, make sure your effect inputs are line level and route it's output back into channel III.  Mix to your heart's content.  If you really wanted to get fancy you could buy a small mixer and use that for your outboard effects.

The only thing I'd worry about is if 40W is big enough.