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I have moved your post here as this is an 'About Chordie' subject.

This is known and is being looked at, thanks for the report.



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OK thanks I will pass this on. smile


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A Happy Canada Day wish to all the Canadians on Chordie from sunny Portugal.



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John, I will ask you the same as Pamesposito. Do you have any apostrophies or anything other than letters and numbers in your song books name? Apparently this can cause a problem and as mine is "Roger's Songbook" it is causing my difficulty.



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Pamesposito, do you have any apostrophies or anything other than letters and numbers in your song books name? Apparently this can cause a problem and as mine is "Roger's Songbook" it is causing my difficulty.



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There appears to be a bug here too, I will contact Per about this also.



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I have just completed the old dodge of clearing cookies and restarting windows but no good I am afraid. I can get as far as here:


but then I cannot change what songbook to move it to nor move to the "Temp (79)" shown. I can click on the arrow beside "Test book (9)" to select another songbook and move away from this page but nothing within the actual 'move song' contol box works.



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Sorry, you are right. Not wanting to actually move a song I did not try to complete the operation before my previous reply. There does appear to be a bug here so I have reported it to Per who will no doubt sort it as soon as he gets time.

Thank you for pointing this out.



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You have to select the song/songs that you want to move first (tick box to left of song title).



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Please read this for info:

https://www.chordie.com/forum/viewtopic … 69#p192869

If you look down the right hand side of the song (photo below) you will see the number of versions and use the plus and minus to view the different versions. Please rate them.


I hope that helps.


Graham, I had never heard this song before and really enjoyed it. It was only when I was writing my comment that I noticed it is an original of yours so super well done to you and your band.


Good one Mojo, award yourself some extra pickles for that. lol



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Hi there and welcome to the Forum.

Chordie is a search engine and there are no songs stored here so we cannot edit them (only you can edit one that is in your Songbook). If you look below of the song you will see:

Important: The song above is NOT stored on the Chordie server. The original song is hosted at www.guitartabs.cc. Chordie works as a search engine and provides on-the-fly formatting. Chordie does not index songs against artists'/composers' will. To remove this song please click here.

Please contact 'guitartabs', or the original writer, and point the error out to them.

At the very bottom of the page is the comment 'Please improve this page' and if you click on the 'add comment' you can point this error out to any other Chordie Members that look at this song.

Thank you,



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Well done Julian and congratulations on your graduation.

I understand that your grandpa, who is obviously very proud of you, is teaching you guitar; a great hobby, which helps you get invites to all the best parties and something that impresses the ladies so keep it up.



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Welcome to Chordie 832F,

I also did some checking and found some old Sampson guitars for sale but nothing about Samson guitars.



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Open the song and click on the printer icon to the top right of the song - indicated below:




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Has Mojo converted from pickles to English tea and cakes???
I saw this the other day and had a little chuckle to myself:




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Hi Bill,

No need to worry about this. There have been many changes but they are behind the scenes and Chordie should look, and behave, pretty much as she always does. The biggest thing that we Moderators have noticed is that there is far less spam getting through.

The main reason for announcing a major change is so that Per can get 'bug' reports then, if anything is not working as it should, he can set to putting it right.



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Hi Jim,

I may be a 'bug' so I have referred it to Per.



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Strummerboy Bill wrote:

As I stated before, it's hard to come here and NOT learn something. smile Roger, do you mean that if the guy says "Okay, Proud Mary in E", I should automatically know the chord progression? 

Bill, no the chord progression you would not know, but the chords likely to be used you should know; and experience, along with your musical ear, would give you a good idea as to which to use.

In the key of E. the major chords are E, A and B (often a 7th); the relative minor chord is C#m and secondary minor chords are F#m and G#m (which are the relative minor chords for A and B respectively). OK, occasionally some songs will have other chords thrown in but these will be the exception.

Here is a chart I give all my students to guide them:




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Russel Hitchcock from Air Supply does the same I was fascinated watching his playing when I was learning 'All Out Of Love'.

Getting back to Bill's point, I have jammed with lefties before and have had no problem watching and following them. When you know the key, you know the common chords used and watching a lefty is like looking in a mirror at yourself playing (the way I learnt to play chords without getting into weird positions to see where my fingers were lol). However having the music does make things a whole lot easier.


Jandle wrote:

Roger ... your 'Black is the Colour' cover was just lovely and almost haunting sound to it, really enjoyed it.  'Going Home' wow! that baritone ukulele was just great on it.  I don`t own a baritone but I could never make it talk like you made it.  Awesome instrumental by you.  'Blood Red River', I have never heard that before but what I  heard from your cover was great and I liked the video you put together with it.

Thanks Jan,

Going Home, like anything transferred to a baritone uke, is easy as the tuning is the same as guitar so there is no transposition to think about. smile Blood Red River is a song I do with the new band and the other singer, a lady, does a great harmony so I am going to record her vocals to my original recording and update it.


Unfortunately the water noise is a little overpowering but by using headphones I was able to pick up the guitar work more clearly and you played that piece well. Good job.



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Hi Donna, and welcome to the forum.

I believe that playing a song is better than just learning chord after chord so all my students go home after their first lesson with a song to learn. OK it might only be a two chord song but it is far more interesting than repetitively playing just chords with no structure. Then you can build on that, a three chord song next and so on. I have sent you a private e-mail with a couple of two chord songs that I hope will help. Practice a little and often, several short sessions a day are more productive than one long one but most important off all, have fun.

As an aside, I recently started teaching a retired rocket scientist, probably the most educated and intelligent person I know and, after his first hour's lesson, he turned to me, with sweat on his brow and said "That has been the hardest hour of my life. It has also been the most rewarding". That made my day. smile It is not always easy but with regular practice it gets easier.


I do not usually post multiple songs but this project has been on the back boiler for ages. I recorded the song 2 years ago and have been struggling with material for the video but a chance comment from a friend about a some video clips I posted on Facebook of the normally dried up river beside my home suddenly running with water gave me the idea to finish it. Only completed and uploaded this evening.

For the COLOURS category: Blood Red River.