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Thanks guys (and Dondra) my finger is healing well and no longer open so I am able to play guitar comfortably again. I am registered on the health system here, the hospital visits cost me €14.00 each time and the GP visit €4.50 so it was not overly expensive.



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Thanks Joe, it is 3 days since the nurse removed it and it it is healing nicely. I do keep a dressing on it but I am able to play my guitar (albeit a little awkwardly) which is a good job as the band and I have a gig next saturday.



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Lucky you, but I hope you did not need the heart surgeon. 


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On Friday 24th August I got a splinter in my left hand index finger which, for a right handed guitarist, is the very worst finger to injure. The splinter was from an old piece of timber that had been exposed to the elements for years and no doubt excesses of bodily waste from insects, birds and rodents. Being very brittle it broke flush as I tried to remove it and with a pair of tweezers I managed to remove a 4mm piece but I knew there was more inside that I could not reach. By Saturday evening my finger was nearly twice the size it should be so I called in at my local chemist for advise and was told to go to the A&E at the local hospital at Loule. I arrived there at 20:00 and saw the receptionist and the triage nurse who both spoke good English and then I went to see the doctor who, although she appeared to understand English she used Google translate to communicate with me. Eventually she wrote that I must have a X-ray and I immediately said "X-ray não bom por madeira" which literally translated means "X-ray no good for wood" but she insisted so off I went. The X-ray technician asked what I was there for and when I told him he said that the X-ray will not detect wood only an ultrasound would work. I said I had told the doctor this and he left the room but came back a few minutes later muttering under his breath and two X-rays were duly taken. I was later called to see the doctor again who proudly showed me the enlarged X-ray of my finger and said "Look no madeira". By this time it was 23:00 and I had lost all confidence in her medical skills so accepted her prescription for antibiotics and iodine and went home.

Ten days later on Monday 3rd September, the swelling had gone down and I could see and feel the splinter so I went back to A&E hoping that I would see a different doctor, and I did. He agreed that he could see and feel there was something there but he would not take any notice of my suggestion that he use a scalpel to open up my finger and remove the splinter. I needed an ultrasound before anything could be done so he wrote a paper out and suggested that I go to the doctors surgery in Almancil but I said the I never went there as the only English speaking doctor had left some years ago so he sent me to the doctor's surgery at the hospital but after waiting 45 minutes and getting no where I thought I might try Almancil. Off to Almancil I trot eventually getting to the receptionist who says no one speaks English. Later that day I was talking to my friend Sara who said it was her day off on Tuesday and she would come with me and translate, What an angel!!

Tuesday morning at 09:00 we arrive at the Loule doctor's surgery and eventually get to see the receptionist who informs us that I am registered at Almancil and so I must go there. Off we go to Almancil and Sara makes an appointment for me at 12:40 on Wednesday and informs me she will be available to come with me and translate.

Wednesday we get there on time and the doctor seems to be saying to Sara that I must have an ultrasound so I chime in "Please, use a scalpel to open it up and remove it for me". He ponders for a moment or two, then gets up and requested that I follow him and get ushered into another room with a lady in a white coat who I later find out is the nurse. She looks and feels my finger asking where it hurts, then sprays it with some very cold substance to numb it, takes a large hypodermic needle and in a few seconds says. "It is out and it is a large one" It was about 5mm long and my finger immediately felt fine, no discomfort at all.

So I see three doctors but it takes a nurse to sort out my problem. lol lol lol 

Here is the YouTube link to the lullably "Hush A Bye" I have just uploaded:



Here are YouTube links for the two songs being performed:




Here is a link for the other:

https://www.chordie.com/chord.pere/?url … ranspose=0


Well that will teach me to read the announcements properly before replying. I thought I was to just suggest the genre and let everyone choose their own songs, not me choose the songs as well!! lol lol lol

My initial thoughts for songs are either rather difficult vocally, or chord wise, so I will do a little research and post my suggestions later.



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OK Songbooks should now be able to be published. Please let me know if there are any further difficulties.



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I have moved this thread here as it is an About Chordie issue.

There is only one person able to sort this, Per the site owner, so I have dropped him a line and informed him of the difficulty.



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Thanks guys.

Bill I am sure it is Raquel that you are talking about and unfortunately, as so often happens here, schooling has got in the way of her music. When kids want a good education here they have so much homework that it takes over everything. I did see her a couple of weeks ago working a summer job in a local supermarket whist awaiting to go to university.

Graham, I have found a clip on a friend's Facebook page but the audio is not very good: https://www.facebook.com/pradovillas/vi … 6301/?t=12



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I woud not worry about the volume control on this device. It is a sealed unit and the crackle heard when adjusting volume is usually dust and dirt on the internal contacts, so the chances of crackle are very slim. As for the sticky pads I would not worry about that either. I have pick holders on all my guitars held on with a double sided sticky pad which will be very similar, if not identical, to what they use. To clean any residue when I remove them, I simply use what I always use to clean a guitar body, a bathroom wet wipe (you know the ones you normally use to clean an unmentionable part of your anatomy lol).
I would say, "Go for it".



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Wow!!! Superb.


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Yup that is me toe tapping. The feet will not keep still when there is music playing. lol


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I had a gig with the band I belong last night and, as we knew that there was going to be a songwriter in the audience, we decided to sing one of his 'number one' hit songs from 1967. He then came on stage with us, said a few words, and asked us to repeat it so he could sing it along with Julie our lead singer. The song was Puppet On A String and the writer is Bill Martin.


The left hand on a accordian has two rows of bass notes and if it has more rows they are chords. here is some info and a layout from Wikipedia: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Accordion/Left_hand

The accordian used here in Portugal has buttons for the right hand instead of a keyboard and I guess is more difficult to play.


Great to hear from you again Bill, but please don't get jealous if send a great big cyber hug to the lovely Dondra because I am sending a cyber 'man hug' to you too. smile
No problems with your communication and 'He's Got The Whole Word In His Hands' is a song I know well as it is one the two songs I send a student home with after their first lesson (the other being 'Tom Dooley' as they are both good songs with just two chords). Strangely enough most Portuguese students know He's Got The Whole World as it was used in the TV advert for the Portuguese electicity company and I will usually insert my students name in the 'He's got you and me brother/sister' line.
Take care, Roger.


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You definitely can have more than one songbook and opening a second account to have a second, as you have found out, can lead to difficulties. If you have used the same e-mail address for both there will be complications but if you used a different one I can hopefully sort it for you. Please write to me privately with both account names and e-mails used and we will see what we can do.


I have never used anything other than paper but some friends of mine use an i-pad and have a scrolling programme. You have to set the tempo (in B.P.M.) of the piece for it to scroll at the right speed. I find it a/ hard to read (I really like my bold print A4 paper) and b/ difficulty knowing where I am when I have looked away as the place I was looking has moved.


Roger, my two choices are Love Song and Lullaby.


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Hi and welcome to the Forum.

As everyone else can add songs and you cannot, it is not a general problem so you will have to be a little more specific to enable us to help you. Please state, step by step, what you are doing so we know where the difficulty lies.



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That is a bummer. I bet your buddies were disappointed with no music from the minstrel after day one.



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I have moved your post here as this is an 'About Chordie' subject.

This is known and is being looked at, thanks for the report.



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OK thanks I will pass this on. smile


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A Happy Canada Day wish to all the Canadians on Chordie from sunny Portugal.