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does anyone know the chords for the Dr Hook song More like the Movies???


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Hi Rallyman, check out this site justinguitar.com, I  think you will find all you need there - good luck from a fellow wolverhamptoner!!


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Can anyone help me, I would like to find the chords for some Elkie Brooks songs


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Deia follow the link below for a number of easy songs and how to play them as well as lots of other good stuff



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just as a matter of interest I have now tried false nails, they worked a bit but caused me unbelievable problems at work ( I am a school teacher) I have now removed them and will wait for my finger tips to get hard!!


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Can anyone give me some advice, I am learning to finger pick but my nails are not very strong, I have tried those metal things you put on the ends of your fingers but they don't seem to work to well for me - I am thinking about some false nails!! what do you folk think of that idea?


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I had the same problem for a long time, but I bought one of the those 'gripper' hand strengthening things,  i just use it while watching TV and it seems to have worked for me.

Like Roger, I don't think you should go around squeezing ferrets!!


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Hi all,
Can anyone help me, I can manage the chords but have not yet got the right strumming pattern for Streets of London - anyone help please?


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Hi Patrick, I have both a Martin and a Taylor, it really depends on what I am trying to play as to which I prefer, the Taylor sounds best for some and the Martin for others. If I had to choose between them, it would be a very tough choice but I think I would keep the Martin.
Incidently, I bought the Martin 'on-line' because it was a bit cheaper, when I got it I was so bitterly disappointed in it. It sounded rubbish. It wasn't until I had a brilliant local shop set it up for me properly that I grew to like it.


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BBDGus wrote:

Hello every one
ok it's been six months since I picked up the guitar and I can play a few chords and some strumming patterns
not so clean some times. the thing is that until now I only can play a few ballads not so well , like: Knocking on heavens door .and house of the rising sun . it's this normal?
other thing is that I cant sing, I sing worst than an asmatic goose
I can't believe that when I was a kid a used to sing in the school chorus:-(

any ways the singing it's another story:-)

thanks in advance for reading my post

pardon mi english since it's my second language:-) if you can play some ballads after just 6 months you are doing good!! if it was so easy to play a guitar everyone would be doing it - wouldn't they?
wish you all the best


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I am not very happy with the sound I get strumming without a pick. I like the mellowness of strumming without a pick but find I keep hitting the odd string too hard. How does everyone else strum without a pick??

Thanks for that Last_rebel, I will give it a shot and see what it sounds like

thank you



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I have had a Taylor big baby for some time and I think it is absolutely brilliant, I have also just bought a Martin DM (like two days ago) and so far I am not that impressed with it. I know I should have tried before I bought but nobody local had one ( I had been told they are good) so I bought one online. It may be that I just need to get used to it.


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Hi folks, I'm another old geezer at 59, been playing (well, trying anyway) for just over a year, I get very frustrated sometimes when I can't do stuff ( like barre chords easily). But think this site is just the best

Oh and by the way I too am and aging (aged?) hippy

I just don't seem to be able to get the right strumming pattern for Every Rose Has It's Thorn by Poison, can anyone help please??


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Hi all, I'm from Wolverhampton in England, I am 58 and have been playing (well, making a noise anyway) for about 8 months, I so wish I had done this years ago!!


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I have been playing for around 8 months now and am still haviing trouble with Barre chords, I can form the chord OK, but when it comes to changing chords whilst playing I can either change with no interuption of strumming but a duff chord or I can just miss a strum or two and get a clean chord - which is the best way to go? should I practice quick change or clean chord?


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Can anyone help me with some Dr Hook Chords, I would particularly like the chords to 'A little bit more' and 'More like the movies' I am new to guitar playing and I think they should be fairly easy to play - I hope anyway!!