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newplucker wrote:

I seem to have a lot of trouble with bar chords. Even the simplest ones like F. Taking lessons and very slowly getting there. Any hints/advise to speed me along. My fingers always seem to bar at the joints/creases where the string snubs out.
Also, would a metronom help me keep a beat. I suspect practice, practice and more practice is the most likely answer to all above question. Any advise is appreciated.

Got it in one, practice.  I have been playing a couple of years now and can remember all the small milestones! ( BASIC CHORDS, BARRE CHORDS, PICKING.) it all comes eventually, just practice as often as you possibly can, even if you just have the guitar and without making any sounds just keep going over the chord shapes.
Good luck


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zguitar wrote:

Hello all,

I searched this forum for strumming patterns and alot of them had the same advice. It was to listen to and "feel" the music and try to get the pattern or just make it up.
As a beginner, which all the people looking for strum patterns were, I can tell you that is not an easy task.
First off, the original song usually doesn't sound anaything like an acoustic version you want to play.
Second, I cannot, for the life of me, hear a pattern in a song. How can you pick out a guitar strum amidst a lead and rhythm guitar, bass, and drums?
Third, we as beginners can't tell if something sounds right because we can't play well enough to say if it sounds like it should.
Lastly, we want to sound like the song sounds. It encourages us if we get it to sound good.We don't want to make stuff up. 
I have been using youtube alot. I find video lessons that show the strum patterns. They are invaluable! So far I am working on 5 songs. I can tell that I'm getting better, but have hit a wall. I want to try more songs, but not knowing the strum patterns leaves me dry.
It would be awesome if we could start a forum for posting strum patterns. We could ask and someone could post it. Good idea?????

Keep playing!!!

Having the song implanted in your head is a good thing, i am still fairly new to it and i find the lessons on you tube can be really helpful, just type the song name and lesson, sometimes you have to search a bit but they are all there. Or find a video of someone just playing it, it is easier to learn if the only instrument you can hear is the guitar. It will all fall into place eventually.


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madmat wrote:

i am 35 and have only just started playing your never to old

Nearly 40. Been playing 2 years, infuriating as hell  sometimes but i love it!!


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alvee33 wrote:

I always remember Pete Townsend saying that he could play most of his repatoir when he was 16. If you're good enough you're old enough!

I'm a few months off 40. Still play like a duffer but love every minute.

Me too, been playing 2 1/2 years and love it, practice every day still think i cant play but i am sure that cant be right, wish i had started 30 years ago!!


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I never changed my mind, that was my daft 18 year old son who made the last list, what does he know about music,  cmon guys lets see some more!


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Changed my mind

1 - Zacky -A7x
2 - Synyster  - A7x
3 - Herman - DragonForce
4 - Kirk - Mettalica
5 - Eric Johnson

=] x


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delchurcher wrote:

my particular favourite guitarists are Hank Marvin,Django Reinhardt,Mark Knopfler,Chet  Atkins and Julian Bream....the latter being classical,but I feel does need a mention.

Have you heard Gordon Giltrap?

If not check him out on you tube


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Gordon Giltrap
Tommy Emmanuel
Joe Bonamassa
Jeff Beck
George Harrison

Of course there are so many greats but these are the ones i like listening to most of all


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bensonp wrote:

Let's look at it this way.  In the price range of 300.00 to 600.00, what are some of the better ones.  I am asking this because I am looking for another.  I am sure we will get a lot of opinions on this, but what do you say?

I assume you are from the USA?

Dont know if you have the Vintage brand out there, if you do give them a look, they make good quality very playable copies of some of the famous names(Les Paul, Fender Strat, Gibson SG etc)
I own a SG copy and a 12 string acoustic made by them and for the money you wont find too much better!


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I have several amps but find myself always going back to my Roland cube 30w a great amp with some effects built in which i bought for 85.00 gbp second hand(e bay)


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blatio wrote:

I just bought an acoustic and am teaching myself to play.  I have many sites and dvd's showing chord progressions, but can anyone suggest an easy song or two for a beginner to start out with?  Thanks.


Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival
Horse with no name by America
Wonderwall by oasis

Ihave got the basics of lots of songs but never seem to play them all the way through, and I am starting to realise that at some point I am going to have to start singing!!
Been playing a year or so, nearly all self taught

Try to play with other guitarists I found it gave me a little extra push and try to play every day

I have an Art and Lutherie acoustic given to me by Gordon Giltrap, my first guitar was a Brunswick electro acoustic which although a budget guitar, plays really nice, I have a Lag spring series acoustic also. I have got a Lag Jet electric, a couple of chinese made strat copies and a Les Paul gold top copy.Only been playing just over a year so not quite ready to really splash out, but the wife is threatening divorce if I bring any more home! Anyone else got the same problem?


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Hi there, Im new here too

I started playing about 4 months ago, bought a Brunswick electro acoustic for about £ 160(new) not a bad guitar as most of the chinese made stuff is now.
3 weeks ago a friend fiddled around with it, lowered the action etc and now that guitar is so much easier to play, the friend in question is Gordon Giltrap so I guess he must know what he is doing,I promised myself a decent acoustic once I had been playing about 6 months (any suggestions) I still can only play 3 or 4 chord songs but I do find playing with others helps a lot. But you have to keep at it, I remember at the very beginning shouting at my "stupid fat fingers" <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_lol.gif" border=0 alt="Laughing"> but you have to keep going