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A warm welcome to you smile You won't find a betterr bunch of people than those that visit here regularly. Friendly and helpful to all. BTW...  Hope veryone's been well smile     


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I'd add a metronome to the list of good accesories for beginners.     


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Picked up the guitar for first time in about 6 months and was picking some this evening. i really got to missing the old days when I used to play an average of 4 hrs a day but have just drifted away from it over the past few years.. I miss being on here and talking to all the great people that frequented the forum.  Just thought I'd drop in and say hello to all the friends from back in the day (and a hello to any new ones to be made). i plan to start playing more and being more active here in the future smile  hope evryone has been well1 


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So sorry to hear about this.... I know it's been forever since I participated actively here but all the chordians are frequently in my thoughts and I do still stop by occasionally to lurk behind the scenes. Dino was a great guy and I'll miss him terribly... Not sure what else to say... Rest in peace my friend..


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I'll look into it dude smile The family and I are planning a florida vacation early this year so maybe we can coordinate the date to hit the event.  Last time we went we had to rent a room for 3days just to have somewhere to keep the guitars cause I wouldn't leave home without them lol


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Sup Jeff, it's good to see that a lot of the old crowd is still here! I seldom get online anymore except to live stream sad Still plucking away on those strings tho big_smile  My youngest son has caught the fever hard and it's been awesome teaching him and connecting via music!


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It's been a while since I dropped in here...  Figured I'd stop by and see how everyone is doing smile  Happy Holidays to you all!! -Pix


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Yea it's been real slow for me for months now and I know it's not my LT....  I seldom stop by anymore because of it sad


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Congrats! I'm a huge fan of these also!  I have 2 of the first pro models (Pre serial #) ,a Pro Rosewood and a Pro Curly Maple, and they're both awesome!  I also have a newer Rosewood S&P Showcase that's a sweet player as well.


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Radius blocks, radius gauges, fret slot files, nut files, various other small files and specialty files, fret wire, fret wire bender, sand paper of various grits, shot bags, fretting hammer, fret removing pliers, small jars of various wood dust (rosewood, ebony and hog) straight edges of various lengths and precession rulers, pencils/graphite, screw drivers, strings, cutters, bridge clamps and various other clamps, glues, rags, hand and finger planes, pliers, painters tape....and few more things that I'm sure I've forgotten....lol   It's a big tool box


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bensonp wrote:

A well-oiled rosewood fretboard is essential to protecting your guitar's neck and its overall value. If a fretboard becomes too dry it can cause warping and cracking. Protecting your guitar's fretboard can be accomplished with very little effort. Preventative maintenance is the best insurance for any instrument.

I agree with this... I oil mine (lemon or olive) after cleaning the fretboard when changing strings.

I imagine you sitting by the beach with a cool glass picking a tune......   Hmmmm I vote Margaretar or Margarator:)


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Happy New Years to all smile


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Aquilla's are best IMO with Worth strings coming in second


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None here yet but I'm hoping for it soon smile  I'm dying to do a 12 mile paddle through snow covered forest for photo ops smile


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1. 90% fingers and 10% pick...

2. Mostly over the soundhole but really depends on the sound I'm looking for.

3. Mine wear pretty even all over the board but there's always a little more in the first 4-5.   I've done 2 complete refrets and one partial in the past 6 years. (not all that was my play wear though)..

4.  Nope... Never had any trouble with strings


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I loosen mine a little and then snip them about 2 inches from the bridge... Then you can reach in the sound hole and push the pins up after doing like Wayne said and pushing the strings down to unseat them.   Also I disagree with Zurf about not leaving them unstrung...  It does no harm whatsoever to leave a guitar unstrung for extended periods of time.  I have 4 in cases now with no strings and they won't get new ones till I'm ready to add them to the playing cycle. The only downside is that it takes a little more time for the tuning to stabalize when you restring but the benefits like less bellying, less chance of damage from stress and such is well worth it IMO...

I'll be riding it out on a 6'6'' quad fish smile I'm waxed up and ready/waiting for the morning when the 17ft swells start rolling in big_smile  Stoked!!


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My favorite river song smile Jason Damato "Floating Down A River" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqzitW5 … r_embedded


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Ahhh an electric guitar smile  I forget about those sometimes...lol   My mind always goes to acoustics when talking guitars since that's all I play/work on...


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Yea a pic would be great.... Sounds like you may have a candidate for a JLD bridge doctor though...   http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Tools/Speci … octor.html

Found this tune last week and figured I'd share it... 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqw17VM … r_embedded

Capo on 1 C G Am F          Nice and easy smile


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For Beamer:



This file wouldn't enlarge


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beamer wrote:

you have mail

Hey Beamer, Can you send it again for me...  I went to check it and the account had become inactive..  I've reactivated it now and should receive it.  Thanks!   

Or you can just send it to the email address I have linked to chordie...


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My .02... If it's a cheaper laminate top standard is fine, if it's a solid top tune 1/2 step down and capo on 1 for standard