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jimi hendrix is game to play with his teeth i picked a couple and it felt horrible

i dont mind the beatles and i love playing day tripper on my guitar but id have to say nirvana is the best

the bass player from nirvana listen to love buzz


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i think eletric is easeir to start with cause the strings are more thiner. i like eletric but i havent got 1 yet

i seen jackson guitars advertised in a magazine and thought they looked all right, do they sound good?


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i need a bass player from darwin who is round 14 years old and has a fair bit of experience my email is eddie_kranz@hotmail.com


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Heres to help people in australia to find bands


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my favourite songs to play are sweet child of mine and that song by cream there just songs that make you feel awsome and they sound pretty good to. i like nirvana to


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i have only used diadaro for my little kiddies guitar with a built in amp and after about 6 months they started to break. That might not be a bad thing i havent used anything but them and i only used em once cause my guitar needs new strings


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im 14 on september see my name?

i play from the heart but its stupid becouse everyone thinks im a funny type and they think i should be a comedian but all i wanna do is play guitar


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im 14

not many drummers on this website lol

i  no how to make a tremelo sound with my fingers but its hard to explain how

no not really guitar is fun if i was 300 id start playing even if im ugly cause its fun and its one thing u dun need to look good with

yeah nirvana  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you no the drummer from nirvana is the singer of foo fighters

there pretty awsome i like nirvana cause they play alot of different music i mean they got music for wen ur partying they got music for when ur trying to sleep they got heaps of different music


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i cant read tabs only started TEACHING MYSLF GUITAR A LITTLE WHILE AGO ANY TIPS???

well u got 6 strings on guitar







but it reads upside down like this







there is to Es

the capital one is the thickest string and the lower case one is the thinest. I rekon its the most stupid thing that they put it upside down it only confuses pple

ill give u a simple example of a tab







ok u read it from the left like a book sorta but its wat ever is first u play first then the next one.i hope i explained it right i hope i answered ur question.add me to ur buddy list plz and wat type of music do u like