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right here on chordie


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for electric try boomers, I have had good luck with them


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I first stated playing guitar and grew up in the washington dc area, I now live in montreal, quebec


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I once bought a 1973 fender tele. the guy I bought it from had it hung on his basement wall for  about 12 years. dust had taken its toll on the contols and pick-ups. anyway I hated the sound and thus hated the guitar. eventually I decieded to order some custom pick-ups one being a humbucking and had them installed. I ended up relly liking this telecaster. needing money I ended uo selling it. (to a friend) one day I will get it back.....So if you dont like your guitar, maybe it just needs a little work

Thats a tough one to answer.  but steely dan comes to mind

I have always dreamed of owning a gretch... like the one brian seltzer (stray cats) plays.a fat hollow body with the gold pick-ups and a wammy bar


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guess I am just an old relic (class of 75)  I started playing at age 14 so I could get girls


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I have fallin in love with the (bb king) gibson lucille. I just dont understand why I have not seen anyone else playing one..........what gives

both without a dout.....also keep your eyes open and pay attention when you see someone playing. I have picked up a lot just watching other people playing


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I have always owned fenders, both strats and tele's. I have recently switched to the gibson lucille. I must say that I really love it. the thing that i do not understand is that besides b.b. I don't see any other players playing this model


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the best acoustic show I ever attended was john hiatt. the acoustic show I would most like to see would have to be jack johnson


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my electric guitar came with a name, it's the gibson lucille, I also own a guild acoustic which I baught in 1976 and named her at the same time. her name is betsy


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I am a drywall man