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hey there butch I forgot to congradulate on your tele, in my opinion and I do stress my opinion which perhaps is different from others I would concentrate on a new amp before buying an effects pedal. with a tele I would most definitly go for a tube amp. I have a practice amp which is in the 150 dollar area which I am pleased with. fender champ 600 tube amp one knob only for volume which makes it very simple to ajust. I use a fender 65 deluxe reverb amp pedal made by boss with which I am for the most part satisfied with. I have hooked up that little champ 600 to larger speaker cabinets and was really surprised with the sound. by the way it only has a 6 in speaker. I have a larger amp that has 4 , 10 in speakers and I hooked that little champ 600 to them and it had no problem belting out quite a punch. I thaught it sounded great. and then again you can always turn it down low or to the same volume as an acoustic guitar


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I have a National Style O , When I purchaced it the salesman told me only use light guage strings, then I read somewhere that on a resonator heavy guage is where its at. I know with open E tuning one should should only use light guage. Open G tuning being looser sounds shitty with light guage. So now I have medium guage on and asuume it would not be wise to tighten up to open E. Any suggestions. Anyone out there with a Resonator, what guage do you use  and what brand


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I am by no means a good singer but I have found a good mike helps and most important pick songs that are in voice range. I tend to stay away from from singers or songs with a high voices, Led Zepplin, Arowsmith, Yes. I can sometimes sing Rolling Stones with out anyone throwing something at me


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hey butch, what kind of amp are you playing out of and what kind of music or musician  do you want to sound like


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I just got off LR baggs websight. I see now that you are refering to a pick up that actualy fits into the sound hole. is that someting you leave in all the time and as far as sound quality do you consider it better ? With mine being iside the guitar I sometimes use a feedback buster (a peice of rubber which covers the sound hole) How is a pick up that fits in the sound hole when it comes to feedback. I curious to know for future guitars


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I am not a lefty but I just wanted to say that I have seen leftys who play with a right handed guitar they just learned how to do everything upside down. I have witnessed this type of playing on 2 different ocations. there for a lefty taught this way would would play a right handed guitar left handed.


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hey tandm, I play my acoustic everyday there is no lack of playing by any means, its just that when you dish out 4,000 bucks the thought of too much humidity in the summer the cold in the winter not to mentions someone stealing it. (I have had a guitar stolen before) or some drunk guy grabbing it, the thought of all the things that could happen, well it just keeps you thinking.......... OK worrying


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thanks tandm and buzzwagon for the info. I never intended to make any ajustment or changes myself. I never thought to think about checking a luthiers credentials and that makes good sence. as far as the bridge posts I have the newer version which seems to me to be a cheeper vesion and thats part of what I was talking about when speaking of the quality going down. I notice the price has not gone down. I have tuned to open E on other strats that I have owned in the past with no problems at all. (making sure the guitar had light guage strings) Duane Allman almost always played slide in open E although I realize he did not use a strat, but there are a lot of slide players that do. Bonnie Raitt and Sonny Landrith just to mention a few. it will be a while before I can take it to a profesional due to money being a little tight at this time. I will let you all know what happens when I do. so for the meantime I wonder if I should just keep light guage strings on it and remain in standard tuning. I have recently come to prefer medium guage for playing in standard tuning. again I guess I will see what happens with that. it just sucks having to deal with such issues with a guitar only a little over a year old when the price is in the $1200.00 (US) range


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I am 53 years old. how time flies. I have not been on this site for quite a long time and well I just plain forgot how much I enjoy chordie. I have since moved back to the states (maryland) and back to Canada. My guitar collection has grown a bit.
Guild F 50 (broke down but not dead)
Martin D 42
Gibson Lucille
Fender Strat
National Resonator  Style O
Eastman (archtop) AR 910
Eastman Mandolin MD 515
and no the desire for more guitars does not go away


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christopaul wrote:

I recon, the best thing to do with a strat is to fit an extra spring to pull the bridge real tight and remove the tremlo altogether.

sorry to chang the subject but I have a strat (deluxe model, USA) and if I try to tune to open E the bridge lifts up, out of posision. Do you think an extra spring or two would take care of this problem (it came with 3 springs)Also I would like to say that I have owned 3 different strats over the years (I have allways loved them) I find that the quality has gone down with the one I purchaced about a year ago. The 5 position swich is not operating properly and the holes on the back cover did not aline with the holes too restring, so I removed the back cover plate


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its so good to hear that I am not alone when it comes to wanting more guitars. I shall show this to my wife who can not understand that there are others like me. Just checked out the J-45 on musicians friend and I understand. She is a beauty. My take is that if you can get it, get it. Anger from your wife, the payments or the time too recover from the financial blow will all eventualy pass yet you will still have the guitar.....good luck


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my acoustic is a high end and I dont feel comfortable dragging it around therefore I have been considering asking santa for a guitar not too expensive. somthing that should I drop it or it got scrached that I would not have to worry about yet still was fun to play. I like the idea of a small boby or parlour guitar. I have been considering the epiphone EL 00 which is the low cost version of the gibson blues king. does anyone out there own the EL 00 or has played one and if so could give me some feed back. I have only seen pictures of this guitar and has never played one. also any recomodations for a small body under $300.00


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I play a martin d 42 which I purchased with no pick up. when I had some work done on another guitar guitar I asked the luthier what he would choose as a pick up for an acoustic guitar if money was no object. ( I made it clear I wanted no or the least amount of cutting or drilling on my martin) His recomdation was L R Baggs i beam active system. its hard to remember but I believe it was somewhere in the $200.00 range plus $50.00 to install. I am totally pleased my choice. I dont have an acoustic amp. I have a fender super reverb (4 - 10 in. speakers) and find no need to buy an acoustic guitar amp.  This pick up needs a 9 volt battery and has a volume control inside the body at the sound hole. 

I just checked musicians friend and saw bags i beam for $139.00 I should have shoped around for the best price


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I played a guild f 50 blond (blond meaning maple side and back) as my main acoustic for about 30 years. can't say any thing bad about guild guitars. The only problem I ever had was some of the binding on the neck came unglued which I reglued with a little crazy glue. It was only after a kick from an ex girlfriend that I made the choice to  buy a new acoustic guitar. I still have my guild only it has a whole in the body and the action has gone bad. (due to the assault) I still play my guild, only that I keep her tuned down to open g and use her for slide. I have played the d 15 and I found it to be a great guitar. my take on it is that you made a great choise. By the way I grew up in the washington dc area and purchaced my guild at chuck levons aka washington music center in wheaton, maryland in 1973


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with all the choices it is not easy picking out a guitar, a tele is surely a good choise. just wondering did you pick a maple or rosewood neck. I am 53 and have been playing since the age or 14. I had always used light gauge strings  but have swiched to medium recently. I have found its like haveing a new guitar (it was a srat by the way). with the switching over from acoustic to electric I would recomend trying medium guage. In my opinion it will make the transion from acoustic to electric a bit smoother. my practice amp is a fender champion 600 (a small tube amp) and as a efects pedal I chose the boss fender 65 deluxe reverb anp pedal which for the most part I am satisfied with. for me purchacing an efects pedal is kinda tuff because for me it takes a while before I truly made the right choice or not.


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I have a little fender amp I use for practicing and traveling. It' the champion 600. A tube amp with a 6'' speaker and it's got that 1950's look. I think it sounds great. It has only 1 dial and thats for volume which makes it very simple to use. I believe I payed around $200.00 US for it.


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I have been away and have not had time with a computer. I am back in the Montreal area after spending about a year and a half in the US. This is a great site, happy to be back


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I played a Guild F 50 for around 20 some years, until an angry x girlfriend kicked a hole in it. Anyway I have nothing to say but geat things about Guild guitars. I would recomend them to anyone.


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I have not had that problem in a long time, but new strings and working out a new song has always done it for me in the past

I believe its more the type of music one plays that defines the person than the instrument he or she chooses


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personal taste is all fine and dandy, but in my quest of buying my last acoustic I found that nothing quite measured up to  a martin as far as sound quality


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true, the person below me has practiced thier christmas songs and is ready to put on a show

django rhienhart a legendary jazz guitarist, he is honored anually at a festival in France to this day. In a fire he lost the use of his pointer finger. he simply taught himself to play with 4 fingers. his hardcore (guitar playing) fans are known to tape up  thier pointer so that they play the same way he did. so yes there is hope. determination is I would focus on


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Hello everyone,  I have been away for quite a while and  have not had access to a computer but I did make my choice and I purchaced a martin (D-42). I have it with me and I play it every day. As much as I love this guitar I have come realize that its not the guitar that makes the player, but the player that makes the guitar. I have since picked up and played guitars that are not very expensive that are yet still a joy to play. My point is that you dont have to spend $5,000.00 on a martin or a taylor to own an an instument that will give you a lifetime of joy