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Hi All,
I have made my initial foray into the world of electric axes.  I picked up a used Squire Affinity Telecaster this weekend.  After reading all the reviews, i thought this was a good bang for my buck that would allow me to upgrade into something nicer, if I choose to do so.

I was hoping some electric players could assist in helping me get up to speed - I apologize if these are rudimentary.......

* What decent budget minded amp can anyone suggest? (was thinking of a Roland 15Cube)
* What strings can anyone suggest I use
* Any info on the bridge "guides" those things that the strings are threaded through?  What height should they be set at?  Are they all set to the same height?
* What woudl you recommend as switch and pick-up modifications?

Any and all feedback is welcomed.  Thanks for looking - I appreciate the help.........


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I can't help you with your questions but i can point out that the Fender site has a forum for Squire players that could be gold mine of information for you. All you'll need to do is sign up as you did here  to post your questions.

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Thanks bud.  Already did that - but thought I would try here as well.

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I can't say enough about the Roland Micro Cube... My first one fell off of a shelf and was badly damaged...I immediately replaced it with another... Actually I've gotten sorta spoiled with it... when playing at church I usually just take it and mic it into the sound system instead of taking one of my "real" amps.

The Telecaster is a great guitar...jillions of aftermarket goodies new and used and the guitar is a basic simple design that you won't outgrow...  Note that most if not all really great guitar players will have a telecaster or two in their arsenal!

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Hi,    from England !!

Although I play a Peavey Cropper, mostly nowadays - I still have my first electric guitar - a Squire Telecaster in red wine colour.  I can't bear to part with it - even though the pick-ups are crap neck has begun to bow ....     I love the thing so much.  I've never found an amp that really makes it sound like a proper Fender Tele though.  The closest I have come to it is the Laney Tubefusion that I use on stage - which as an amp is good enough to make any guitar sound okay.   Bottom line answer is that a good amp will help you get the most out of the Squire - but I hope you grow old with it in your collection like I intend to with mine because it has such a special place for me.

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Congratulations on your choice....I too have a Telecaster although I went another step up and got a Mexican version.  Can't comment on the other amps that the folks have suggested but I'm doing the best I can with a Fender G-Dec 15.  There is an upgrade to that amp known as a G-Dec 30 (it has a larger speaker, some more juice and more sound options) but the small version is doing a fairly good job for me so far.  I don't play much during the summer unfortunately, but do play with about 10 other people at our park in Florida when I'm down there in the winter time.  We're playing some country, some blue grass stuff and lot of other junk I've never heard of until we play it.  So the trick is to hone my skill at playing by ear, I guess.  Good Luck on your amp search.


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I have a little fender amp I use for practicing and traveling. It' the champion 600. A tube amp with a 6'' speaker and it's got that 1950's look. I think it sounds great. It has only 1 dial and thats for volume which makes it very simple to use. I believe I payed around $200.00 US for it.

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I have a Fender Squire '51 and the Fender Princeton line of amps match most fender guitars like a hand in a glove.

Take your tele to a guitar store and try out a "Fender Princeton 65/650"


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Re: Squire Affinity - Telecaster

I like Squire .
Never had a problem wirth any of them.
would reccomend one highly.

fender front man amp is a good choice also.
I have the 15 r with the reverb knob but dont know if the reverb was worth the extra expense
Peace out