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<font face="Times"><font size="3"><font color="indigo"> Could be that the grim reaper has a thing for recording artist who are 27... I'm betting more will join the 27 club but some do die younger... Randy Rhoads for example, what a waste that was all because the tour bus driver thought he was a topgun and decided what fun it would be to wake Ozzy out of his nap by buzzing the tour bus.... makes me wanna dig up that would be pilot, revive him, and then slap his silly ass to death again... never underestimate the stupidity factor.</font></font></font>


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<font face="Times"><font size="3"><font color="indigo"> My Highway 1 has a 60's headstock and they do look cool but hey at $700 bucks they should,lol... if you'll notice alot of other Strat models are getting the 60's headstock as well...the Malmsteen and Robin Trower models come to mind but if you do go out and just buy the neck keep in mind each neck comes in different shapes as well and i'm not just talking headstock here... ie, C shaped,U shaped and V shaped necks...and they are all a bit pricy straight from Fender. You may want to check around on the net and see if any stores online are having clearance specials w/ a 60's headstock. Hope this helps.</font></font></font>


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<font face="Times"><font size="3"><font color="indigo"> In a previous post I mentioned that I own both Fenders and Gibsons... Both companies have made lemons....it happens...I've played Custom Shop models from both Fender and Gibson that just out right sucked. Case in point...the  Highway 1 Strat I now play is a jewel but the one I owned previously sucked big time( CBS era crap!) Truth is each guitar is different(even custom shop models)... my next purchase will be a PRS but you better believe I will try several before deciding which one goes home.</font></font></font>


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<font face="Times"><font size="2"><font color="indigo"> I own both a Strat and a SG. Both play wonderfully and sound great.That being said I think it all depends on the sound your looking for. My SG has humbuckers and i use it for playing songs with a harder edge such as Zep,AC/DC,Metallica ect. I use my Strat for just about everything else such as Stones,Clapton,Pink Floyd ect. I will say this though, if the house caught fire and i could only save one guitar it would be the Stratocaster... I love that guitar for its tonal range and its playability...(*hint) Theres a reason Eddie Van Halen's guitars are based on the Strat.. its hard to go wrong with one. I highly recommend trying both to see which one suits your style of play and if you decide on a Strat, then go the few extra bucks and get one made in the USA. Mine is a Highway 1 Stratocaster made in Corona,California... what else can I say but I love that guitar and to the guy that commented that Fenders are for begginers... Hey Man, get a clue... they are for musicians period! Just ask the likes of Dave Gilmour or Keith Richards or even Clapton... nuff said.</font></font></font>