im a beginner and i have acoustic down pretty good, now im lookin for an electric guitar and want to know what price range i have


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im going to get an electric guitar, but im having a hard time deciding what guitar to get, im a beginner, so it doesn't have to be expensive. also, what's the best type of amp???


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i can't think of anything new to play, or that sounds really cool on an acoustic, can someone help me please


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okay, i heard their new song the take over the breaks over and i absolutely love it, but i have no clue how to play it, please help, i love this song big_smile

okay, so i need a really cool song that is still pretty easy to play that i don't have to sing along to (and still be acoustic)


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Good thing I don't play electric then, Acoustic all the way!!!!!


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Country (oh Yeah) some Johnny Cash Hits are way fun to play

You can play a lot of songs with an acoustic (or an electric) what made me choose it is it's a lot easier to just pick it up and start playing than to have to go through the whole process of plugging it in and stuff.  It's also funner and easier to learn on an acoustic than an electric.  ACOUSTICS ROCK!!!!

thank you sooooooo much, anybody know anymore good songs big_smile

i love country music tongue

i really want to impress my friends with some awesome songs on my acoustic guitar, but i'm a beginer and i have no clue about what songs to play or what strumming patterns to use,