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Sweet!  You the man Jerome!  Now if we can find a tip jar to put out for you ..........  tongue


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May God bless you and watch over you and your family Jerry and help you through these tough times


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Thanks Jerome that made alot of sense smile


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I'm sure there's a few guys other than Jerome that would be able to answer theory-based questions ... maybe call the forum, "Music Theory:  On the Stool w/Jerome O'Neil" tongue


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I think he comes to mind in ANYTHING regarding music theory ... I know I irritate him with mundane questions from time-to-time !!!  tongue


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Anastasia ... real quick, I checked the song and it seemed the BPM was around 130 - 135'ish ... I'm going on my recollection from Sunday night and it's Monday and my brain isn't cooperating lol so check between those settings


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Hopefully he'd be willing to do it ... he's on here daily so it shouldn't be much of a bother smile


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K thanks guys ... I know we're constantly asking Jerome, etc about theory questions ... I thought it'd be great to have a music theory forum ... anything and everything to do with specifically Scales, Modes, Music History ... you know questions on things in music classes we didnt take but they did!  tongue

I think it'd help out alot for the guys and gals that want to learn beyond the basic chords, etc where they can start asking questions about theory

Thanks for considering it though smile


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Something that might help anastasia is to put the metronome on while the song is playing ... you should be able to get an idea as to what the BPM is


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This is for any of the admin guys ... one thing I've noticed is some people on Chordie tend to ask alot of "theory" related questions ... could we make a forum geared strictly for "theory" type related questions?

It would be great to seperate it from the normal questions we usually get on here ... it would make referrencing anything to do with scales, modes, etc excellent





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Thanks for that link ... I've been trying to find a good Major scale link to study ... is it my imagination or does the minor scale make up a portion of the major scale?


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06 ... here's two quick examples of the minor pentatonic scale:

http://www.cyberfret.com/scales/minor-p … /index.php


These scales helped me out alot ... like Jerome said, learn them over and over ... after about 6 months I know these five inside and out but not the fun part begins in moving it all around the fret board


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Thanks Zurf and everyone ... now that I think about it Ozy, I would have loved to have donated the acoustic to someone who couldn't afford a guitar ... I'll keep that in mind next time smile


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yeah it will over time ... I've only been playing less than two years and my pinky can stretch but it doesnt have the strength of the others to do hammer-ons, etc ... it's all just repetition


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Wow I can't believe he's never played there after he left ... thats sad though!  I dont know about how well our dollar is now though bro lol

SouthPaw ... Gotta love Bubba the Love Sponge! ... haven't heard him since I last lived in Florida tongue  Even better than Howard Stern!

Sweet job crow ... I'm working on my Bachelors Degree in Environmental Science actually tongue


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Sweet thnx guys ... I had the same thinking ... like I told the guys at Guitar Center, I didnt want to see it sitting around in the house not getting played, not to mention sitting in a pawn shop ... at least with it being back in the store, I know it'll get sold and someone will enjoy it smile


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There's alot of finger stretching exercises you can do ... it might be easier to do a google search and type in, "finger stretching exercises for guitar"


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Ziggy ... you have to love having Dave Matthews though ... seriously awesome guitarists ... love his work

Greetings guys ... I'm a Security Manager in the Air Force ... I do mostly personnel, industrial and physical security


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I realized today that I had two guitars I wasn't playing, my Schecter Hellraiser and my Takamine G series ... I figured instead of letting them sit on my wall I might go see about taking them to a pawn shop to see what I could get for them, and then use that money to buy a guitar I really enjoyed playing (PRS SE Custom)

Both of my guitars were in GREAT shape and both pawn shops said they could only give me $420 which I thought was insane ... I went to the GuitarCenter and spoke to the guy I usually deal with and asked him if he could give me a deal, both of these guitars for the PRS Custom that I liked ... he went and talked to his manager and they said sure, no problem

Now I know in the long run I lost some $$$ as the Schecter retails for around $800 and the Takamine for $499 ... but I figured why have them sitting around when I could get a guitar I really enjoyed? 

I already have my Gibson LP, which I love ... my other Schecter for my heavier metal stuff ... and the PRS comes inbetween those two guitars and I absolutely love it

I was wondering what you guys think ... if you've ever parted with a guitar(s) in order to get one you really wanted?

I don't really use any effects either Doc ... it gets rather confusing especially when I've only been playing less the two years ... I have the preset amp setting on my Line6 (old Marshalls, Vox, etc) and stay with those ... very rarely will I add Flange, Delay, etc ... I guess it's probably due to the fact that I'm still learning

lmao that is too rich Zurf!  I love it!


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Ziggybear ... Kenny Wayne Shepherd ... awesome Blues guitarist ... not may know of him