I've got a few songs I'm trying to work on but having some difficulty in getting lyrics and chords.

1. Give My Regards To Broadway by George Cohan
2. The Bells Are Ringing For Me And My Gal
3. Show Me The Way To Go Home

I would be very grateful if there is someone who can help me out with these song.

Many thanks in advance.


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My first song was "Michael Rowed The Boat Ashore". The hardest is "Stairway To Heaven" still haven't mastered it yet but I will, one day.


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Sorry for the delay in responding arkady. Thanks for your reply to my post, I only just read it.

Oh well thems the breaks I guess.

Here's a few goodies for you Last Rebel. lol

Tall beers
Real belts
A reb tells
Reb set all
Rebel salt


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I think Doc has a problem with an echo. HAHA

Short pieces of music are bwst when played SLOW.


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I've got a few more.

Seymore Legg
Dick E. Bird
Sue Shee
Jenny Wren
John Quill
Jack Daws
Chris Coe

Lou Bega ( Bega cheese and Australian brand)


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A gent gets on a bus, his pockets full of golf balls. The bus stops and picks up a blonde who sits next to the gent. She looks at him and then looks again in surprise. "It's golf balls." said the gent. The blonde says, "Ooooh, is that anything like tennis elbow?"


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My given name is also John


I won't worry about my middle and last names. They aren't that great. HEHE


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I have a lot of favourites too. The song I like at the moment is an ABBA song "LAy All Your Love On Me."

The very first guitar I bought was really cheap (AU$5.00 brand new in 1963). I went cheap because I wasn't sure if I would continue playing or not but here I am 45 years later and still going. The guitars I have now are still in the low price range but they look good and sound good too. I bought an SG copy in cherry red, it was secondhand(AU$199.00 but in excellent condition. I had one before but it was stolen from me. Then I bought a new 12 string acoustic, a Monterey Dreadnought (AU$319.00), looks and sounds good. I then saw a Monterey 6 string acoustic (AU$169.00) with the same colouring as the 12 so I bought that too. They look like a pigeon pair standing together. HAHA


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I Like It by Gerry & the Pacemakers


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Shirt sleeves can be long or SHORT.

gladiator chip
patricidal hog
digital carhop
a light picador


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Three men died on Christmas eve and were waiting outside the pearly gates. St. Peter comes out to greet them and asks them to produce something that represents Christmas before he can let them in; so the first man produces a cigarette lighter and lights in and says, "This represents a Christmas candle."
St. Peter nods to him and tells him to go ahead.
The second man produces a bunch of keys and shakes them. "These represent Christmas bells."
Again St. Peter nods and the man goes through the gates.
Now St. Peter looks at the last man and says, "So what do you have to offer?"
The man fumbles around and produces a pair of lady's undies. St. Peter looks and says, "What on earth are they supposed to represent?"
The man answers, "They're Carols!"

I have no songs starting with Z so I'm going to cheat also.

Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah (sung by Bill Bojangles Robinson aka Uncle Rhemus)

I Googled it and came up with this song.

I love the 60's music the lyrics are good and there's meaning to them, well most of the time anyway. Most of the songs I have collected are from the 60's decade. Most are easy to play and the lyrics are fairly easy to transpose from record to paper, then the working out of the chords. That's how I did all of my 300 songs but now I have CHORDIE to do all of that. But some of the songs in here have to be altered as a lot of the chords don't fit or they're in the wrong place; there are some songs with verses missing so I also add them to finish the song.


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The funniest name I ever saw in a telephone directory was Lipschitz. I read an article one time in a magazine about a young woman who joined the Australian army and they had to promote her a Lance Corperal because her last name was Parts, as you know a new intake is called a Private, so you can easily see why she got immediate promotion. big_smile


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Belated birthday greetings for last week. Sorry for the tardy reply but better late than never.


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Proud Mary - CCR


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Tunes are grreat to play on a musical instrument.


It Doesn't Matter Anymore = Noted monastery art item.


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I'd like to wish all Admins, Mods and members of Chordie a very happy, safe and prosperous new year

Fraulein (sorry can't remember the singer)