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i like to play alot and the ones i find myselff playing alot are
-heart shaped box by nirvana
-keilbasa by tenacious D
-tonight im gunna rock you tonight by spinal tap
-dream on by aerosmith
-ace of spades by motorhead
-killing in the name of by rage against the machine
-sweet child o' mine by guns n roses
-mother by danzig
-smoke on the water by deep purple


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heart shaped box by nirvana solo is like 12 noted played twice


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nirvanas "heart shaped box" its like 12 notes long....you do mean like quickest like smallest? if not my bad


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on weekends i play with my band but once in  great while i'll play with my uncle and he'll show me som stuff

um..i think signature guitars seems like advertising someone else. like i would never buy a zack wylde finish guitar, or i would never play it at a gig. because it seems like your saying why are you here when you can be at there show

i think its because of guitar hero and people dont realize how....."simple" they think it is guitar hero was a partial reason for me. but my uncle is the lead guitarist of counting crows and i tought it'd be cool to play so i got a new free squier tele. jst because a guitar is cheap doesnt mean its not good. i have an epi. les paul and a squier tele. they work pretty good and my band rocks out on epiphones all around and we're pretty awesome. and bands like fall out boy,my chemical romance, and the counting crows have deals with epiphone and squier. nd alot of kids can see that and see they can get a guitar like a cool band like on of those