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I'm new..so i can't really comment but anyways!
I'm forever searching online for songs to play so i always have my guitar with me!
I can't type and have my guitar round my neck sometimes lol. So it just lies next to me until i feel the need to play a few chords wink

I'm a girl big_smile How are You?
I'm new to this site so i'm trying to get use to it! I Have been playing the electric guitar for 2 years now big_smile or about that! I'm not to sure.


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jamiey1 wrote:

I need help on how to think of a band name. weve used generators, spent hours thinking And still can not think of anything or any sort of topic to think of but Any ideas on how.

The band names We are aiming for are Rock.

Thats amazing that your getting a band name smile
I thought of a band name but i never actually got round to getting a band!
so heres the name i thought of "Punkslip"

Hm...Maybe the name i thought of was a bit cheesy! lol

Good luck with it all