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Oh...those nasty barre chords!
I'm able to get my fingers in the right place but to apply the correct amount of pressure to get the sound...that's another story.
The older I get, the smaller my fingers get! hmm


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Oh Petermiss....
Your post hit home big time.....great words!

I've been playing on and off for years (mostly off) but have gotten back into it  because I love music and love to play.
I get no support from my family....my son is a drummer and tells me I have a deaf ear.
My hubby is not a musician at all so he has no right to say anything roll (he can't sing nor dance, anyway)

This site has been tremendous for learining new songs and chords I never knew existed.
I feel the music with such a passion that there are times I'll have to stop playing a song because I have tears in my eyes and can't see the music.
I honestly don't give a crap if I'm good or not. I'm not out to be a professional....I'm just so happy to play.

Thanks for your wonderful post.


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I just got my Guild today and it sounds great...I luv it  but I wanted to ask you all something about "normal" action on a new guitar.

The strings are very close to the fretboard in the first few frets and gradually get higher up the board. Can I assume that is normal?
I've only had one guitar my entire life and that one is very old so I have nothing to compare my new one to.
Although I suck at my barre chords, I did manage to get some nice sound up the board so can I assume all is well?
thanks from a newbie

Thanks all...
I haven't received the Guild yet....hopefully by Tuesday.

What I'm playing on is the old SS Stewart (my dad's treasured relic) and there's no way I could have any work done to it...The body has a split in the back and another down the front near the bridge but it plays and right now that's all I have....along with sore fingers.

I play several times a day for at least 45 minutes at a time but the sound gets compromised because of the soreness of my fingertips.

Tell me....do professionals still feel the pain? lol

I have callouses and they are quite thick lol but I would really like to find some nice acoustic strings that would give my poor fingertips some relief from playing Christmas music non-stop to my aging Mom.
I have the Martin silk & steel on now but they have a too soft tone. The Martin "Eric Clapton" strings are fabulous but I can't get much time with them.
Am I a major weinie and should I just bear the pain or is there some secret string that you guys/gals know about?
Thanks..and yes, I'm a newbie to this site but it's wonderful.


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Thank you all for your advice...
I just bought a Guild GAD30. It is small and feels very well next to my body. My hands fit the neck and it sounds nice. It is very well-made and although I had my heart set on a Martin, I will never be able to afford the kind of Martin I lust after unless I hit the lottery.
Now I have to find some strings that will help make my callouses feel better.
This is a great site..thanks


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I've started playing again after many years of inactivity. If you saw my guitar you'd die....it was my Dad's and it actually went through WW2....a S.S. Stewart. The body is cracked, the neck warped and I wouldn't sell it for anything....

But I am in the market to get a new acoustic, just acoustic without the electice do-dads. I'm petite, have small hands and the start of arthritis.

I'm considering  an orchestra body and the Guild GAD30 was sweet but I'm also considering the inexpensive Martin 00X1.
Any advice would be welcome...price range is around $600-700.