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Thanks Peatle. You started my day off with a smile.
I hear that you're a "dag"...I would like to know if that's a good or bad thing..I'm thinking a good thing.
Good to see your face.

Thanks Jandle for putting the link up to my go at the song.
I can remember most things fairly well but this computer thing is a slow go for me.
I can't remember how to put soundcloud links up here.
As far as 6 Strings Down...I have never heard of it. I will have to study it some before I give it a try.
Thanks Jandle for coming up with this great idea. I do enjoy hearing everyone's versions. Sorry I don't respond to all of them...don't think of me as a snob, please.

First off I want to thank you Jan for starting this thing.
I have enjoyed listening to all the contributions and I look forward to next month.

You can sing!!   Good job Joe.

Thanks for the kind words guys.

Here's my run at it.
https://soundcloud.com/rds-songs/wagon- … er-tuesday

I was under the impression that this wasn't a competition. I agree with UJB..everyone is a winner.
But if your handing out blue pickles, I'll take one. I've never had such an honor.

Thanks for your kind words.

Thanks Jandle. I've always enjoyed this song.

I'll have another go at it.
https://soundcloud.com/rds-songs/after- … -chordie-2

What about selecting an artist and letting people choose a song. Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie ect.
Or songs that begin with the letter C..for example.
Either way it's fun.

Good one Grah. You and that whiskey voice made it sound pretty good.

Thanks Jandle for the help, I still haven't got this computer thing down yet.

I have made a recording on sound cloud but I don't know how to get it to transfer to chordie.


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Very nice.
I like the new layout.


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Awww yes...I was a Jr. in high school, I remember well.

Thanks for tickling my memory this morning.


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Happy Birthday Amy. I hope you enjoy your day.


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I hope it goes well for you.


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http://www.mmchurch.org/guitar/W/Where% … 0-%20G.pdf

I hope this helps.


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Good idea Joe.

Thanks for putting me on the map Doug.


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I'm looking forward to hearing some good news soon.

My prayers are with you and Dondra.



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I'm sorry to hear that Bill. My thoughts are with you.


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Grah1 wrote:

Another terriffic song ,excellent

I feel the same way. Nice going Joe.


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That's nice. I'm looking froward to hearing you play it.

I haven't come across a harp that I can't bend notes on yet.

Hohners are good. I played them for years until I got tired of wood combs and switched to Lee Oskars with plastic combs and replaceable reed plates.

I have some very cheap ones a friend bought for me and they will bend. If you bend notes hard and often you can ruin a reed. I have a box of old harps with one reed not working.


You can find out if it's for you or not a lot cheaper than $60.

I used a coat hanger for a rack for years. Just start bending it to where you want it.

A $15 or $20 harp will get you going. I would hate to see you spend money on something you may not choose to get into.

Good luck....I hope it works for you.