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Thank you very much , I really appeciate your help!!  Wonder why i cant find any  trace of this song on the net? LOL doesnt matter now thanks again.   penny


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I am trying to find chords for this song,but I cant find the song any where. Maybe the  name isnt right, any one no it?  i have the lyrics but i am sure not good enough to figure out the chords!! Hope some one here will know this song . i have posted a link to the song,that is all i have.



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Thanks for that Roger, i am going to use that for practice. glad you posted that .penny


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OK thank you guys, this is sounding better already!! Thanks


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Hi every one, i usually just lurk here,mainly because i am learning, and have nothing useful to add. lol
I am trying to learn  I still miss some one  .When the chords are close like in the first line;  g          c               d
                           at my door the leaves are falling        is leaves two beats and falling two beats?  i guess i just dont know how to tell  where the measure starts and ends.
also what is  a good strum for this  dduudu or base strum?
Well I hope this makes sense, I  can play some songs,but  I cant seem to make this sound right.

I started to learn to play  a couple years ago, and i would almost give up, but  I am determined to get better!!  I am 58  kind of a late bloomer, but i just love to play, or at least try to
This is a great site, best one i've found . Thanks,  Pen