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This sounds like fun also.  Can I get an address to plug in my gps?  Will be looking for camping facilities, if any.  I Hope my schedule lets us attend.

Are there camping grounds near your home?  For an rv?   I missed out on previous events and would like to get to at least one.  You guys always have fun.   So if there are and my schedule will allow, I going to try again.

I just listened Amy.  Wow!  Great job!   Your style is unique and I liked that.  Your voice was spot on and your liberties with the phrasing came off really well.  10 thumbs up!  Well, I don't actually have 10 thumbs, but if I did, they would all be up.  You keep doing it.

Birthdays!    Happy Birthday!


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Oh you guys were having so much fun!.  Thanks for the YouTube Amy.  The descriptions were great.  Hopefully, somaday, maybe can make one in the future.

Tenement Funster wrote:

Never heard of Parker's until I looked at their website ... seems like a well-built machine with cool lines. Having the Piezo transducer along with the humbuckers should give you a lot of tonal variety.

Thank you Tenement Funster!   I found out about them when one of my favorite artists for our area played one and when he let me play it during open mic, I fell in love with his.   He had a more expensive version, but same idea. 

Thanks again.

Does anyone know anything about this guitar?   Good, bad, ugly?   I can't find any extensive reviews. 

Thank you for any information.


Are there other chordie members who are interested in getting together for  a jam session?


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I like the shed idea...;)

Here are the particulars:

1.  It is 28 1/2"  long
2.  Body width at bridge 10 3/4 wide
3.  Body is 13 1/4 " long
4.  Neck to head is 10 1/2" long
5.  8 Nuts
6.  2 1/2" hole
7.  Strings are nylon
8.  Strings are set close as in sets of two

Inside label reads:

AKO guitare
Randriamanerasoa  Edouard

email  akoguitare@yahoo.fr.   
Lot 11 0 50 Ex Rue Duplex
Ambandrane  Antananerivo

Fabrication et Reparation
Guitare Electrique Accoustique
Kabosy -Violin-Piano
Travail sur commande

We have googled this to the best of our ability and nothing except an article referencing guitar makers from Madagascar.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.  It's like a puzzle and is monopolizing a lot of time.  lol

btw.   Would like to tune it and try and play it.

Thanks in advance.


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Congratulations joey and have many many more lovely anniversaries!

@ bushy   .......to funny!  wink


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Aloha Clayton...I recently found Israel Kamakawiwo on youtube.  Oh wow, I love his voice.   Do you do any of his?   I play 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' over and over from my music library...  Such a peaceful quiet, but authentic rendition.  It led me to other songs from your beautiful Hawaii.

Just checked back to see what is new on the event?

Can you repeat where your reservations are on the site?  Still working on attending. 

Zurf, thank you for the offer, may have to take you up on it, if it is still open.   It's been a loooooong time since I've roughed it.

Put me down for 50% maybe (2 people).   Don't know what we're going to do for accommodations yet....Dreaming of winning an RV...lol


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Welcome Jethro.

Likewise for Ohio.   Always interested in meeting with people.  Like tonight...no where to go and key search on internet pulls up nothing.   <<<sigh>>>>


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Are there any plans for get togethers this year?

Thank you for all the condolences.  He is already soooo missed.  We will lay him to rest tomorrow and calling hours are tonight.  It's like losing a brother..:(

My friend fell to #13 and he is getting bummed out.  So close but sooo far away.    They said he has had 684 votes todate, works out to 21 votes a day since he started 11/18.   Not a lot, but like some had said on here they've been having trouble with the site.  There are a couple of ways to get there.  If you got to the front page, some said they go to the rules first and then it lets them in.  Others say they clear their browser out and start over.   He's been working his emails and facebook pretty hard and I've tried to help him out with people I think may want to help out.   He's been out of work for quite some time and of course, like everyone else, needs the cash.   Thanks to you that have tried and are voting.   Many blessings to all.

I'm responsible for the jam sessions we have and it falls tomorrow after the services for our drummer.   It's going to be done with a lump in my throat, but he wouldn't have wanted it any other way.  And there's nothing like getting around passionate people for music.

We have sooo many local legends coming and we are seeing more beginners come.   I've been told by several they like the way we laugh at our mistakes...    I said, how can you not, they are funny and it's not like studio time, there are no do-overs.  lol

Have a great day everyone.   Just thought I'd say thank you for your condolences.   

There is a younger  picture of him.  http://vocfh.com/fh/obituaries/obituary … h_id=13024 still way too young.

My friend has signed up to try and win this contest.  He smokes this brand and all he had to do was put in his photo.   

I would like to see him win and thought if anyone was so inclined to help out, it would be very much appreciated and the money would be a great blessing.   It continues through midnight 12/31/11.   

If he can maintain in the top ten, he wins.   He's #165Y  and is posing with his piebald deer and his favorite guitar, a Takamine.   

The address is http://usagoldbar.com/Goldbar.aspx.   You must be 21 and register to vote.   You can vote everyday, which would be so welcomed.

Now about music...   I'm excited.  the jam sessions that we started, is growing!    It is only 3 hours long and are considering doing 4.   We average 10-15 players/singers each week and they are coming from out of town.  What an awesome group and the skill levels are varied.  The more experienced are really helping the beginners.  The younger players or having fun with some of the older players and all in all, having a great time.    The local Moose had asked we do this and so they are excited because people are coming in to enjoy the entertainment.   The guys/gals are enjoying it, cause it hones their stage experience. 

All this excitement though is dampened by the loss of a great friend and the drummer for the band I was in.  He passed yesterday and it's very hard to think about him gone.  He never got to make it down to our jam sessions.   He was a great drummer and just had a natural talent for it.  Fun to be around and a great sense of humor.  Wow, I hate that empty feeling and gonna miss that quirky laugh he had.  sad


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mekidsmom wrote:

Keep your chin up... the guitar probably misses you as much as you miss the guitar!  smile

Mine cries when it sees me, but I haven't figured out if it is for joy or pain...lol  smile


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I have a Washburn guitar and a friend has a Takimine and we each use a Fishman 60 amp.  It has guitar input and mic input and it sounds great.   All we need to take is our guitars, amps and bag of cords with two mic stands.    Check out the reviews on Fishman, I think you will like them.   We've used them for jamming and you can really crank them for a gig if need be.   But your acoustic will sound great.


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I liked your sound.  Good job!

This one is growing.   Thought I would bump it for anyone who lives close.


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If this is close to her pain and symptoms, I would address the inflammation.   My brother-in-law had shoulder pain and couldn't raise his arm very high.
XanGo took the inflammation away and he hasn't had any trouble since.  He was thinking surgery before he tried this.

XanGo is something I highly recommend and I use it.  It covers a multitude of ails and inflammation is top on the list.  You can get it at your local health food store or a friend/relative who are distributors (I'm one, but it's because I want the product at my cost).   I'm not advocating to buy it from me, just research it and try it.   A full 60-90 day trial will tell you if you are going to get any relief.   I've had people say they felt better in a few days, some had to try it longer, but 90 days is a good trial time.    It's expensive usually $30-40 a bottle, but for me, it keeps me healthy.

I sound like a commercial, but I can't begin to tell you how much I love this food source supplement drink, but I won't go without it.   
Google mangosteen fruit.   XanGo is a propriety label that uses the entire fruit and everything is natural that is used.  It's the only label I will use, not the mangosteen fruit wanna be's who usually pull short in their ingredients.   Research everything you can do, before resorting to surgery.

I sure hope you and your wife can find some relief.  Pain simply wears you out.  Good luck.

A new jam session for Tuesday nights.   Colonial City Moose from 6-9  All types and skill levels.   This is in Knox County Ohio, if you live near there.
Met a few people who came from Mansfield Ohio.   

It's been going on for over a month and trying different ways to accommodate everyone and their likes.   

So far it is open to the public.  May be limited to members only eventually.

Time really passed by. 

Do you know of other places in Ohio that welcome new people?

Ohio has some very talented people.  Would like to visit different places.