Re: Beatles music.  If you go to "" (a France-based website) you can find over 200 Beatles songs.  As sometimes they disappear on the internet as they did with chordie, I downloaded the "Beatle's Songbook" (as a pdf file).  Now, what may be a downside for some folks, it's in sheet music format without guitar tabs.  The upside is that is does include the lyrics, the chords are displayed over the music, and it's accurate as well.  You can translate from French to English, etc. with the click of a mouse.  I also found the identical songbook on a trial version of Sibelius First (available at "").  Hope this info helps!  ~john

Hi.  We have a band consisting of keyboard, accordion(s), upright bass, and drums looking for a diversified strings player.  We have some gigs coming up in the remainder of this year.  We play lots of German, Polish, Russian, folk and celebratory songs, do some singing (and want to do more), and are looking to add a Celtic touch to our repertory.  Give me a shout if you might be interested and we'll take it from there.   If not, best of luck, live long and prosper, and all that stuff.  Our current band members live in Winter Haven, Brandon, and Orlando.  Most of our practices are in Orlando.  Respond thru Chordie, or feel free to call me at 863-412-3066 if you'd like more information                                                                                                                                                                                                           ~musiknut


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Any good mandolin players in Central Florida USA that might be willing to take a chance and jam with a somewhat established band?  Right now we have a truly awesome keyboard player (myself), and extraordinary accordion player (of all things), an incredibly talented upright bass player (that worked with Patsy Cline), and a talented (but alas extremely tone-deaf drummer).
We play a lot of German, Polish, and Russian folk music, and in addition lots of old 30's to early 60's stuff, but we'd like to do a wee bit more Celtic music, too.  We have 5 gigs lined up (as a band) and a few more as individual players or duos.  If you're the least bit interested (or curious), go ahead and reply to this post.  If not, thanks for reading all of this!      ~musiknut


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Great lyrics!