.... do you live near me!

I'm after a training partner and not sure of the best way to advertise for one, so this seems a good place to start ;-)

I consider myself a newbie.  Been learning for a few months when I get the time ( I know, almost 47 and I have a 4 year old and an 11 month old - it's not just guitar playing I left 'till late).

I know the main open chords and can strum between most without too many hiccups - maybe open strings at the end of a strum to get to the next chord.
Not great at getting to D and my F is a bit of a fudge.  Recently been trying to strengthen fingers to play some barre chords.

Now going back to a few basics of learning Am Pent scale ( from Justin's sight ) to try and get more mobility and finger stretching.

Anyway, looking for a like skilled player near me, so we can get together and practice/encourage maybe once a week or fortnightly.

Apologies to the moderators if this is not the correct place for such a question :-0

Oh, I'm in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex ( and male if that question needs to arise).

Martyn ( aka DC )


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thanks Roger.

Gonna start putting my practice plan together tonight and will stick to it this time!


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Do you use Winamp?  I found this plug in some time ago called Easy Chords.


Think there is an update/better version now, but you have to pay for that one. 

I'm just a newbie, but it's interesting to use it - basically it reads the selected mp3 and then plays it, displaying the chord to play.
May give some help?


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Oh Man.  You've just woken me up to the realisation that my practice over the last few weeks has gone to pot.
I'm a real newbie and had started a strict practice routine; 1 night chord changes, another night scales, etc.
Now I randomly pick the guitar up and just strum away with no focus for 10 mins and put it back.

Time to sort it out! 

1 - 2 hours a night is not possible for me, but up to an hour fairly realistic. 

So do you do a number of things during a practice or focus on one task per evening?

My biggest problem is still stretching, so I now I need to concentrate on that.



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I love bensop's reply.

My motto is 'I can only be hurt by those I love and those I respect'.  Since most people fall out of this category (no disrespect intended to forum members), their negative opinions of me are meaningless.

This is a great forum - the friendliest I've come across.  I'm a new player and have received some excellent advice from here.  Practice is def' the key.

I wish I'd videoed myself playing when I first started.  I find now myself mumbling away that I'm never going to get these chord changes smooth.  Then the neighbour pops his head over the fence, 'Hey Martyn, those chord changes are coming on nicely'.  My wife then reminds me that initially I would completely stop between chord changes, trying to fathom out the chord shape.
I have 2 young children, so practice time a little difficult, but I try and get at least 30mins a day and see a teacher twice a month.

Keep going!  My teacher suggests a 'fun folder'.  These are simple songs you can play, so when practice hits a downer and you feel you're not getting any where, get those easy strumming songs out.

good luck and enjoy :-)

thanks for all the advice!  Going to keep practising and hopefully, I'll speed it all up and eventually nail it.
Found an interesting tip from the Justin website where you select a chord and just put your fingers on and off as many times in 2 minutes. So trying that as well.

been playing a few months and have signed up for some 1-2-1 lessons.

My biggest issue is moving to the C and D chords smoothly enough.  I know, practice, practice, practice!  and it is getting better.  My finger issue is that I cannot train my fingers to hit the strings for a chord at the same time.  Chords like Em Am, A, no problem, but the C and D I still place fingers one at a time.

Will my brain work this out evenutually and is it really just practice or are there some techniques I can use?

Thanks for any advice. 

BTW, this has to be one of the most firendliest and helpful forums I've come across.  I haven't read a single post where one member is having a poke at another :-)