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Keep it real,the stuff i write is mostly controversial stuff, which does not go down to well ,but i feel it still needs to be said.
I'm not to good at writing love songs either. As for writing songs i write a verse then get stuck for the rest. A melody and chords come then can't write the lyric,sometimes words,chords and melody come and it all just flows out It's rare though.


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Thanks Peatle Jville,I did think that but was hoping it would do better.     


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Got my result gave me 3 stars out of 5 what ever that means. Maybe they didn't like the hidden message. Haha!     


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Got my result gave me 3 stars out of 5 what ever that means. Maybe they didn't like the hidden message. Haha!     


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Thanks Jim. I have a good feeling about this song.  So fingers crossed i do better this year.     


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Thank you Classical Guitar,its good you read it first then listened. Glad you like it.     


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Haha thanks beamer  go ahead give it a go.     


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Cheers keep it real,the chord progression keeps with the line in the song'"nothing seem to change in my life" so the chords don't change just repeat,apart use different inversions.
I have recorded the song ,but I realised after I'm faintly derderdering  under the instrumental part.haha! Sent now to songwriting comp so to late to worry.  I will upload to soundcloud and post the link here under lyrics,i did it in one take so not perfect.
Thanks again for commenting.


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Just had a listen,I agree with Jim said an excellent song Russel.     


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I've just entered this song in the uk songwriting contest

Fading Away

Verse 1
Days turn in to months
Months turning into years
Cm                                                   Ab
Nothing seems to change in my life
I’m stuck in purgatory
Nothing’s going good for me
Cm                                    Ab
I need to escape or I’ll die

                   Eb                  Gm
I keep on dreaming, believing
Cm                                                 Ab
Something good will come my way
                   Eb                   Gm
I want to wake up, just wake up
Cm                                              Ab
And find I’ve found a better day
To stop me fading away

Verse 2
Walking down the street
Strangers passing me
Cm                                                      Ab
Everyone's got their head in their hands
Searching for a life
Frozen still in time
Cm                                         Ab
Burying their head in the sand

Chorus repeat


Repeat chorus to end

© Trevor Scrivens: 17th September 2019

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I wrote this song because of all the hate against tradition,loving
your country and wanting a safe place for your children to live,                       
Haven't yet thought of a third verse but it will come.
  "Long live free speech!!!!"                                                                               
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Cheers Richard for pointing that out ,the guitar seems to drown out the bass and drums. Next time ill get it right ,its all learning. Sounds great on my pc probably because the graphic equaliser sweetened it up.     

Haha thanks Tenement Funster,i never realised it sounded like zztop . I was trying to put more energy into this song ,still no 100% but going in the right direction.     

Thank you Peatle Jville. I'm always trying different stuff, maybe an 80 synth track will come next.     

Thanks Classical Guitar. Glad you liked it.     

I recorded a new version with presonus studio 4.
Mucked up second verse but still thought I'd post.
Any comments good or bad gratefully excepted.
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Listen to The Scheming Chattel by Ctech on #SoundCloud
https://soundcloud.com/user-415450650/t … -chattel-1 


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Good song Brian, Phil's idea about one about scammers sounds good.     


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Cheers brian,i hope i get it recorded in time. If i do ill let you know the result.     


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Thank you Jim, keepitreal,Phil and  Tenement Funster,I  agree with keeping it an instrumental, but i wanted a song to enter this years uk songwriting contest, so had to add lyrics. All i need now is someone to sing it. I've posted the song in the song writing section for all who are interested.  Thank you all again for the positive response.     


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I read your comment about keeping stormy skies as an instrumental but I
Had already written the lyrics. So I thought I would post anyways for those
that are interested.

Stormy Skies


Verse 1
                  G69/E                     C6
I want to walk the wire and not be scared of falling
                  G69/E                                  Cmaj7
I want to run sometimes and never stop
                G69/E                         C6
I long to feel your touch and not feel undeserving
                 D6       B7sus4 /E         Esus4
I want to be beyond the stormy skies

Verse 2
                         G69/E                 C6
I want you to look at me and not just see a reflection
                         G69/E                               Cmaj7
I want you to see theirs passion in my eyes
                         G69/E                       C6
It hurts when you turn away and all I feel is rejection
                D6        B7sus4 /E          Esus4
I want to be beyond the stormy skies

When all my friends, just say
“It’s all your imagination”
                 Fmaj7 G6         Gm6    Am7/G
I want to be beyond the stormy skies
When all my faith is lost
And my life is not forgiving
                Fmaj7 G6          Gm6    Am7/G
I want to be beyond the stormy skies

Verse 3
                  G69/E                          C6
I want to dive in deep and not be scared of drowning
                G69/E                              Cmaj7
I want to fly so high and not get burnt 
                        G69/E                       C6
I want you to feel my love, why can’t you feel this yearning
                 D6       B7sus4 /E          Esus4
I want to be beyond the stormy skies

Repeat Chorus

G69/E             C6
G69/E             Cmaj7
G69/E             C6
D6                   B7sus4/E          Esus4

Repeat Chorus to fade

© Trevor Scrivens 14/06/2019 

Listen to Stormy skies with lyrics by Ctech on #SoundCloud
https://soundcloud.com/user-415450650/s … ith-lyrics


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Cheers Classical Guitar ,its not perfect but has something,working on some lyrics at mo ,but my voice won't be good enough to sing it.  I will put lyrics up when done and i must put something where its just chords. Glad you enjoyed it.


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Hi everyone its been a while. A demo of instrumental
Listen to Stormy Skies by Ctech on #SoundCloud


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easybeat wrote:

another goodie jets,performed in your wonderful unique way.

I agree with Brian and all Phill said. I dont think you have every wrote a song i didnt like.  Your voice playing and words all fit together perfectly.     


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Thanks jets60, it made me smile that you could get what I'm going for.  Yes sometime you try to make it better and it ends up worse. I will do another recording as the drums and bass are a bit weak. Glad you enjoyed it.