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Hi There SongsforSarah and welcome big_smile ~ I don't have any suggestions for songs at the moment,
but i would say learn something that touches the heart, it does'nt have to be complicated, if it touches the heart you will be inspired to learn.... and she will feel it too @~~

Good luck,


Hi Upyer,

Thanks for your reply. now why did'nt i think of that..lol .I thought it was 2 yrs ago big_smile
I did look into the official website, but couldnae find it. I am just learning how to string some chords and songs together and have tried to work it out, my EAR is not too bad sometimes, but this one escapes me :-) and it is such a beautiful song, with some amazing players!

Cheers, MMsippy

Hi there, i have tried various searches for the guitar chords for this song~no luck.

It was on a programme a couple of years back called 'Scotlands Music' (phil cunningham).

here's a wee link to the song.


would really appreciate any response to this request. big_smile

Cheers, MMsippy

Sunshine of your love...rocked my cradle for sure. Ella fitzgerald did a smoking version too. big_smile

Hi Gitaardocphil, just joined Chordie last week. I'm nodding a big yeah!! to that one...i had never heard that song in it's entirety till a while back there, i was glued to my seat slack jawed and in awe :-0 They jus' don't mak'em like that anymore. still i think i may be a little mature to be a Groupie big_smile


Hi there Zurf, i'm kinda new here and was just surfing around the forum when i noticed your post.
So thought i'd slide in with a few words.Glad to hear you are feeling better, it can be real scary when 'stuff like that happens.I'm reading between the lines here, from what i can see this or something similar has happened to you before?..I have suffered from fibromyalgia for several years now, which simply put is an inflammation in the fibres of the muscles, and from time to time no reason or explanation ( although stress can be a factor),
this inflammation goes into the ribcage (Costochondritis) oooh all these big words!! causing extreme pain/sweating on any exertion at all.It was interesting that you mentioned Morphine giving you relief and reducing inflammation, whilst the other Medz did'nt help at all. I am not for one second suggesting that this could be what was the matter, but it just sounded a little familiar..Please do get youself a thorough check up, if nothing else mibbe put your mind at ease a little, don't take no for an answer--- you can always threaten them with a bucketful of 'B'
chords :-)

Take care~ MMsippy


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Hi Cam,

What a warm welcome, thankyou!- The link you posted was really really helpful, nice 'n' simple, just what a beginner needs.Also the links to open tunings, referenced at the side will be getting checked out :-) Yeah i have only recently found Seasick Steve, ah how my faith is renewed !! --particularily like " Falling off a rock".. have tried to get some info etc, on this such as lyrics, chords and such, seem a little hard to find !!... i am a Big J/Brown fan too :-)



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Thanks for your warm welcome Bensonp, i will stick around yikes).


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A big hello to all here.Just signed up today, what a great forum this is.I am just kinda starting to learn acoustic guitar, although i have bin messing about for a few years with chords and such. I watched a session on Saturday night~BBC 4- Seasick Steve & Company~ I really want to learn open tuning and slide guitar, any suggestions for complete begginers on this ?? There is sooo much info on the web it all gets a bit confusing.

Cheers~ MMsippy