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Thanks Guys,

I've seen pictures of the thumb being used for six string barre chords, but never tried that approach.
I'm back after being out of town, so I shall try your ideas.

Thanks much.....Walt


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Holy Cow,

I'm 52 and just learning to play the guitar. But I am young at heart with a spontaneous spirit.

ps. So I'm the old gieser ?


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Thanks for the tips. But a little while ago I raised my bridge up on my Gibson, since when I played notes on the heavy strings, the string would vibrate farther down the fretboard. I think it may be that I'm plucking too hard, so I figured that in order to get around this, I raised my bridge. But probably now, the strings are too high and thus requires more pressure to hold down the barre chords.



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Hello Everyone,

I've been learning to play the guitar over the last 1.5 years and although my playing ability has progressed, I am unable to hold chords for too long, since the base of my left hand thumb gets too sore and I can squeeze any more chords unless I give it a rest.

I've been told that this should go away after awhile, but I'm still struggling with it.

Is it because I don't play enough, or am I hold the left hand thumb incorrectly?

In pain.....WD