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Just put 9s on my guitar today. I don’t like them. I broke the E stretching it, didn’t think I put too much pressure on it but apparently I did.

They feel ok. But sound tinnie, that could be the brand I don’t know.  I’m only new at this so everything’s just a different trip for me. I will use them till they break and go back to 10s , I didn’t have a problem with them...I also think unless you have severe arthritis you wont have a problems bending 10s

Hi thinking of upgrading from my squire is the Yamaha Pacifica 112V a good choice

Changed strings,, is cool now thanks everyone

5 strings don't have a twang sound to match the one that does

hi from the guy that know nothin about his guitar.
One of the strings on the fender is making a twang sound. hight from pickups is ok, its not hitting the frets and im not on drugs.
what would cause this


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I’m really new with the guitar so any feedback would interest me as well.   I noticed the strings I just bought are slightly different
The strings on my guitar are Medium 12/53 The new one’s are  11/52 I haven’t put them on yet but Maybe that is the difference in the sound


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Thanks heaps for all your advise guy's, most helpful.. Think I will stay with the right.


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Left or right handed, Can a lefty play right handed or shuold he learn to play left

I’m left handed I studied the guitar for a year when I was in school “ over 30 years ago “
I learn to play right handed. I bought a guitar a couple of weeks ago just on a whim.
It’s Right handed .  list night at a party I was telling some friends.
They said I should start playing Left handed because I we never get as good as I can if I play right handed.
Is there anyone out there that has experienced this.. and what do you recommend..