Slap a new set of Jj's in it and be done with it. However if it hasn't been gigged in a while it's probably in need of some caps too. So I'd get it into the shop of someone ya trust. I owned one a long time ago; they're fun amps!     


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Mommy that's the one I want !  Ha!  Nice work TF.


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Hey gang trying to find out some info on a Hondo H-715/wh. What year were these produced and does it have the DiMarzio pick-up? It's 7/8 scale with one humbucking pick-up and a volume & tone knobs. I'm loving it, it's a little screamer and quiet as a church mouse. Just wish I could find out more info on this particular model. I know some Hondos came with Grover tuners; this one did not, thought that may change.


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Anybody else own one of these Johnsons? Looking for string recommendations.


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Just brought in an Acoustic AG-15 amp it's the best. Pushing a Fender CD60cesb & Johnson JG-50 throught it. The Fender sounds terrific and the Johnson has a nice hybrid electric sound with some quack. The fact that it has a MP3 jack along with headphone & line out makes it perfect for the young troubador or olde player like myself. If ya get a chance give it a whirl.


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I own a Champ 600. Upon purchase (99.00 used @ Guitar Center). Replaced tubes with Jj's & speaker with Jensen two-way from car audio kit. Man it's the Gas, sure the Mercury upgrade it great but for the type of amp it is that's a lot of cash. I currently use it to power two JVC five-way speakers throught the TV & Computer for music (with 1/8 jack cable) as well as being able to use it for three guitars (Danelectro Convertible, Mod59DC & a Fender CD60ce) sound fantastic through all theses mediums. Ya can't beat tubes; esp. for music, as well as the guitars. Which gently weep (Along with me!) whenever I plug in. I did own a Ampeg Jet-20, These JVC's blow it away for sheer clarity & focus. Man I shouldn't have sold that Tele!