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I just moved this week so I have been busy!

The cool news is I have a friend who plays drums and I am going to be doing gigs again yahooooooooooooo!


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that's a good song! good luck with it


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sounds cool to me LOL


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I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. I was really hoping he'd be found alright.
It's times like these that words just don't seem to mean much but I am really sorry.


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I'll keep him in my prayers. Let us know if their is any news of him.


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Congradulations! Keep it going:)


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Zurf wrote:

Forever and Ever Amen - Randy Travis (I think Paul Overstreet wrote it)

- Zurf

I love that song, I'll look into learning that one.


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vasan wrote:

I registered few seconds ago. I am learning the acoustic guitar and I am working on these songs: Wonderful Tonight, Killing Me Softly, Country Roads, Lyin Eyes, Beautiful Sunday, Congratulations and more to come, I hope ........... Thanks to CHORDIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and thanks to my guitar teacher Dave !!!!!!!!! smile cool

Welcome to Chordie!


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Just thought it would be cool if all shared some of our favorite love songs, kinda looking for something new to play.


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LOL you never know where you might find a song.

I didn't have really anything to do for memorial day, Execpt I palyed volley ball with my friends all day, other than that I had nothing to do.
I have had some soldiers in my family pass away never got to meet them but ofund myself thinking of them anyhow.

Hey there! I just did a gig this past sunday at a gradutation party for my friend's sister and it went really well. About 30 to 40 people there.
It was my first time being at a graduation party. Lots of food and sports. LOL Had a great time.

the way I ended up conquering the chords I had problems with was I would find a song I would just love but would have that one chord that I couldn't get, but being as determined as I am I the passion I would have for the song would over come my struggle. that's how I finally got the Bm, B, and Fm chords down. Now Fm and Bm are easy but man I still have problems with that B chord hate it! LOL.


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I did a gig last year where I was singing this song called "never alone" when this woman walked in and at first I didn't really notice her untill she  burst into tears and watched me finish the song in tears and man was it hard not to start crying myself, I was trying to keep composed through the rest of the song. Sometimes depressing songs are a good thing they reach out to other people. You never know.


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arkady wrote:

Just a thought JJ if you are looking for somewhere other than youtube to upload some audio or video then myspace is ok..
Been doing it for years without any problems. Just make sure you sign up as "Musician"

thanks I'll look into that, I just hope it's easy to use I'm not exactly a computer wiz.


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I sing and play all sorts of Genre. some modern hits, some country, gosple, christian. some soft pop but not too much, and I used to sing some bluegrass music but am not too much into that any more. I'm kinda in the exploring stage right now.

Yeah my first gig was big and I was nervous, but have never been the shy type so I think I delt with it farely well. Now it doesn't bother me really. If someone says hey could you play for me I'm just like yeah sure let me go get my guitar.

I don't have my own recording equipment unfortunitely. I go to a studio to have my stuff recorded. I will check out sound cloud and see what I can do there.


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Thanks arkady for the tip.

I will look and see what format my video was and see what I can do about. thanks Dm.


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auxi wrote:

I don't know a thing about loading videos onto youtube. But goodluck! (Just wanted to bump your post up.)

LOL Thanks for that.


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dino48 wrote:
deadstring wrote:

"chordie" has been working very well for me lately, no stalls or freezes and such and I appreciate the hard work that makes it that way.

I agree it has been behaving well lately, must have got some of the bugs out.

I was wondering if something was going on becasue this site kept kicking me off and wasn't working right but now it's fine and havn't had any problems.


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I'd love to go back and see england in the midevil times. I think that was a cool time period.


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I'm not sure what you mean by genres? No none of my stuff is on the internet yet. I want to post some of my stuff but am not sure where. I tried using utube but for some reason my video's audio got messed up and I don't know how to fix it. As of late I havn't been able to do a gig in while, My sister and I did them together. Our first time singing was in front of 300 people and boy was that an experience! LOL It was at a gathering in missouri, and we went there twice. After that our gigs were much smaller.

I could e-mail you a song or two that I"ve done if you want.


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Roger Guppy wrote:

Checking the older post I found an announcement from Per in 2007 that October 25th of that year was the 5th anniversary of him starting Chordie: http://www.chordie.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=4393

So it was started in 2002. Originally it was to help Per find songs for himself but he soon found that others wanted an easy way of finding chords and lyrics for songs and the idea was born. Over the years Chordie has grown and developed into the site we know and love today.

I have just realised that October 25th this year will be Chordie's 10th birthday.


Thanks for sharing that with us. Intersting.

wow chordie's 10th birthday! that's way cool.


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I have recorded two albums and have done a number of gigs. Where do you like to do your gigs at?

Chordpulse? I'll have to look into that.


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arkady wrote:

Well the guy who created Chordie is known to us mods as "Per" or admin. I have not used his full name as I'm not sure if he wants it to be known.
I think he wrote or used the code (PunBB) for the website to be used as search engine which converts the songs to Chopro on Chordie.
I think Chordie as we know it started around early 2006.
I guess Roger may know more about the origins of Chordie as he was one of the original mods.

Thanks for the info. I was just thinking of what a great site this was and wondered who started it. So you've on here pretty much since it began?


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Just Got to wondering, who started Chordie and how long has it been around?