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Well, atleast you don't have one of these. smile


Les Paul's Birthday correct? I was thinking it was in honour of him or something along those lines..


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dino48 wrote:

Starlee give them a day or so to heal up a bit,try not too do dishes or get them wet for long,you can use some gloves when you do dishes.


AH!.  Yet I did try some of the advice you guys posted, so.. my finger tips started bleeding.  Cool huh? When the vinegar hit them, dear God..


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Guitar = Love.
Love = Pain.


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I think I can like you Zurf.


I wonder if that would make passage around a little swifter if the lake's flooding spread into the area widely enough to allow it.  How deep are we looking at here?


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Zurf wrote:

.. Also you can't figure out a solo with scales. 

- Zurf

I don't really agree with this.  It is entirely possible to belt out a solo that has beautiful fitting colour tones and harmonies without knowing scales, also without knowing much in Musical Theory. I will agree that it is EASIER with that knowledge, and it is also GREAT to have all scales at your command. It just isn't something that is truly necessary. (Again, I still agree everyone learn all the chords and scales they can absorb.  Also, Jazz Musical Theory, that is a selfish request.)


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You know you are a musician when you don't waste your time or energy trying to fret about useless things like "Nourishment" and "Cleanliness" to focus on the all important and tedious process of finding colour tones that match the feel of your shirt in the sun, or that tree over there in the breeze  dancing around like a fae.

- Sin